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Whenever we try to study life or origin of life, it always comes in our mind that how all these biological activities happen. In earth we find biological substances everywhere and because of that there is a life on this unique planet earth. Study of all these living organisms called biology. The main fields of biology consist of zoology, botany, microbiology, genetics, ecology and biochemistry. Zoology is the study of animal kingdom; botany is the study of plants, microbiology is the study of microorganism, genetics is the study of genetic material such as DNA, RNA and chromosomes, ecology is the study of interaction between organism and the environment and biochemistry is the study of chemical reaction that sustain life.

Biology is a natural science which is focused on comprehending living organisms on a molecular, cellular, genetic and macro level. It also studies life itself in evolutionary studies, and defines the identification and classification of living organisms in taxonomic studies. It is a vast field, with various sub-fields, such as ecology and evolution; molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics; marine biology; zoology and botany; environmental biology; and physiology.

Biology is one of the oldest existing fields, and it is still going strong as nature is far too complex to be understood so easily, and evolution happens at a regular basis. Some great biologists have left their mark in the field and paved the way for present and future Biologists with their great discoveries like Charles Darwin (the evolution of life) and inventions like Anton Van Leeuwenhoek (microscope). 

Biology is important because it is the study of life and it provides a scientific understanding of interaction of living and nonliving organism with each other. Biology is one of the research fields related to food, ecosystem, environment, human body, medicine and cause of illness. It helps to attain a professional career and become chemist, doctor, scientist, teacher and other professional. Human body is one of the greatest examples of studying biological concepts. Researchers are working on aging and try to reduce the death expectancy through biological study. Biological phenomena help to understand various diseases and to find the cure. Only studying biology of bacteria and virus can help to find out a treat of certain disease. Again a treat of such disease is biology.

The whole world is depending on biology. For example water cycle, respiration and food and various gaseous cycles. Plants prepare food through respiration and grow and provide food for herbivores. Food is then digested in digestive tract. Then carnivores eat herbivores. When carnivore dies microorganism and tiny creature degrade them and the degraded product is useful to plant as nutrients. All aspect of biology is related to each other to fulfill their requirement. By studying biology, one would be able to understand about the changes happening in his body; for example physical appearance. Students much time find difficult to understand biology and its term because is a broad to discipline and are related to each other. Many topics like hormonal regulation, physiological process, metabolism; pathways of metabolism, energy cell, protein synthesis, genetics, oxygen transport, gaseous exchange, the central nervous system and water transport in plant can be difficult to understand by student. Only theory is not enough for them to visualize the whole process. Sometimes they need picture visualization and thinking ability. Many times student thinks that learning biology is based on memorization rather than understanding concept. Many structure found in biology are very complex and student get bored. For example anatomy, mitochondria, cell and cell membrane, eyes, digestive, respiratory system, excretion system etc.   '

Importance of Biology - Does one really need to explain the importance of Biology?

Look around you, Biology is everywhere. Even if you are sleeping, your body is doing its regular mechanisms to keep you up and going, from digesting your food to pumping your blood. Nature is working in the background, from plants continuously growing and photosynthesizing to animals running free and doing their regular activities. 

The various sub-divisions of Biology are focused on structural studies (Molecular and Cell Biology, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Development and Structural Biology, Genetics); Physiology (studying how human body works, includes neuroscience and immunology); Evolutionary studies (Ecology & Evolution); and systematic studies (taxonomy and classification of the living organisms).

It is important to study Biology because we need answers to some fundamental questions which would lead to advancement of Science and humankind. There are still so many mysteries unsolved, organisms to be discovered, techniques to be invented, diseases to be treated and every day the discoveries of even newer diseases and other life forms calls for more Biologists who would help to shape a new and better world. 

There are some ways in which student can imagine more about biology. One of them is simulation method. In which student think and visualize the biological process. Simulation method helps students to learn themselves and find out with curiosity. Educational animation and virtual lab are two another ways to fulfill their education to hundred percent. Sometimes students do not ask because of hesitation and fear then, educational video helps to clear their concepts and doubts. Third is the live tutor or assistance. Sometimes students stuck to doubt or need help in their assignment and nobody is to help. Then live tutor or assistance becomes as great help. It is the easiest way to learn as student can learn from tutor and educator worldwide any time.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Biology problems

Biology is a vast field, with all its branches and sub-fields; it is difficult to have all information on your tips. Even the best Biologists could forget some of basic and fundamental concepts. Especially, as people start focusing on one particular field, they tend to lose track of the other fields, which is a shame as biology is a vast but a coherently linked field. It's important for Biologists to see the big picture when studying something small too. So naturally, students would need help with basic concepts from all sub-disciplines of Biology while writing their essays, assignments or thesis.

It is important in the field of natural science to use scientifically accurate vocabulary. Different words could mean different things, and could completely change the context and understanding of any statement. It is important for a student to get their work reviewed by a professional to ensure that their work is close to perfect.

Several times the old books used in the curriculum use older techniques or theories, and students find it challenging to keep up with the newer discoveries of the field. At this point, taking help from someone who is a researcher or a regular in the field would help to be updated with the great field of Biology.

Few important tips to solve Biology problems

  • Maintaining notes of various sub-disciplines with fundamental concepts, to go back and revise them whenever necessary.
  • Develop a scientific vocabulary by reading more research papers.
  • Attending seminars or workshops to be updated with the field.

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