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Importance of Bioenergetics

Bioenergetics is a field of biology that deals with the process of transfer of energy through the living things. It is closely related to the field of cell biology and biochemistry. It is a field that overlooks the chemical aspect in all the biological processes. Bioenergetics is studied normally on a molecular level. The guiding theory of this subject is all biological processes can be broken done to basic chemicals, their molecules and the chemical reaction that occurs between them.The unit of energy transfer in humans is called ATP or adenosine triphosphate. This is basically released or absorbed in the reactions. Accordingly, the reactions are classified as endothermic and exothermic. Anything from growth to thoughts and dreams can be broken down to the chemical processes. And all of these processes utilize energy in some way or the other. And this particular branch of biology deals with the details of the energy transfer. One of the major triumphs of bioenergetics is Peter D. Mitchell's chemiosmotic theory of how protons in aqueous solution function in the production of ATP in cell organelles such as mitochondria. This work earned Mitchell the 1978 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Bioenergetics as a field is important because it improves our understanding of the organisms.It helps us understand the similarities and differences between the energy utilization of different creatures. It clears the fog regarding all processes, their influences, the mechanism of the influences and much more. With this knowledge, it is easier to understand and formulate drugs, diagnostic and treatment of various diseases. Bioenergetics helps us to calculate the calories burnt. The energy utilised in the day to day functioning of the person. It is a field that is of vast importance in sports and health training.

Difficulties faced by students while solving Bioenergetics Problems

The field of Bioenergetics is a mixture of biology, chemistry, mathematics and many more. The problem with the field is the amalgamation of knowledge that is required for the field. It is imperative that any assignment covers the topic from all aspects. Also, this complicated the field so much that students quite often face many difficulties regarding the same over the years. The main problem that the students face is the amount of research to be combed through before composing an assignment. there are tonnes of data available on the internet regarding any topic of this field. Then the problem that follows is condensation of the data received into an assignment. so much compression and condensation regularly causes the assignment to appear haphazard in structure with no continuity. And this is to be ensured as to not happen. The problem with the field is it is a relative dry field. So, to invoke and receive continued attention from the reader, it is important to make the assignment more lively. Innovation and original ideas are also encouraged in the field.

Few tips to solve Bioenergetics Problems

As it is understood from above, the subject itself is a very dry subject which makes it more important as to how the framing of the assignment is to be done. So, the main thing in an assignment of bioenergetics is the format. It is important to have smooth transition areas in between subtopics. There should be limited use of statistics and facts. There should always be personal and original interpretation of the data available regarding the topic. It will help to have a chain of thoughts organised before writing the assignment as it will ensure a smooth flow and focus on the topic. The students should include original ideas or innovation if any with the relevant math and logic that proves the feasibility of the same. There should be adequate details and points to prove the point that you are making. 

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