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From amoeba to human beings, in flora and fauna, it has been a long process of evolution in nature and it continues as we live. Evolution is introduced to students at the primary level and is part of general science. Later, students who study science are required to study the subject in depth. It is also included in environmental studies, biology, zoology and botany. The subject has wide scope no doubt and is attaining significance while mankind explores possibilities of further evolution in a technological world. Minor changes have begun with the backbone bending over the computer, and over generations, who knows what shape a human being might take?

Evolution is an interesting subject yet rather difficult to understand. Since environmental studies are made compulsory by many universities on account of pollution problems, it is a topic that students cannot avoid or escape.

Difficulties in the study of evolution

The very concept of evolution is often misunderstood. It is generally believed that evolution is nothing but the history of changes that took place in living forms over the years. However, evolution is something beyond just the record of changes. It is about the common heritage of all living beings.

Everything changes over time; tress, animals, human beings and even non-living things. Hence understanding evolution as mere change is incorrect.

Evolution includes the study of different species and plant families etc.

Some species exist today, some have ceased to exist, like dinosaurs, and perhaps, some new species may evolve later.

All these factors lead to complications in understanding the subject of evolution.

There is tremendous diversity in life forms.

The species and creatures that are extinct can only be studied from fossils or remnants found underground.

Some topics related to evolution

  • Patterns of evolution
  • Mechanisms of evolution
  • Micro evolution
  • Speciation
  • Macro evolution
  • Theories of evolution
  • Darwin's theory of evolution
  • Examples of evolution
  • Process of evolution
  • Mutation
  • Migration
  • Evolution of sex
  • Adaptation
  • Species
  • Fossils
  • Systematic: Phonetics and cladistics

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