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Biology is the subject which deals with study of all life forms existing on the Earth. It comprises of Bo tony (Study of plants) and Zoology (Animals). On the other hand, Chemistry is the subject which deals with chemicals in terms of the interaction occurring between them, how a new molecules or compound are formed based upon such interaction. 

When these two subjects are studied together it is biochemistry. In nutshell biochemistry is biological chemistry. It is laboratory based science that ties up biology and chemistry.


Biochemistry is concerned with the molecules that make up the structure of cells and organs that is molecular anatomy. It deals with the carbon compounds and the reactions they undergo in living organisms. It is also concerned with molecular physiology; that is, the functions of molecules in carrying out the needs of the cells and organs.
It emphasis on the mechanism happening inside cells, studying components like proteins, lipids and organelles, how cells communicate with each other.

Carl Alexander Neuberg was an early discoverer in biochemistry, and called as the "Father of Biochemistry". We all are aware of the fact that human body is made up of different types of organ system. Organs are nothing but a group of tissues. The tissues are the group of cells. For the formation of cell into an organ it needs lots of metabolic activities and macro and micro molecule substances. Mainly these substances include- Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats and Lipids. Among these glucose plays a vital role as it is the major source of energy. Plant in the presence of sunlight undergoes a process called photosynthesis- in which the plant with help of water and carbon-di-oxide produces glucose (carbohydrates) and oxygen to the environment. With help of biochemistry such compound phenomenon can be clearly understood. Apart from this, Biochemistry also has a vital role in Lab and diagnosis.Biochemists have knowledge about the structure of a molecule relates to its function, allowing them to predict how molecules will interact. It is the biochemist who studies the blood and urine sample and gives report regarding the disease in human. He analyses the samples based upon the procedure and gets clear view about the disease. 

All the macro molecules and micro molecules role and structure can be studied in this field. All chemical changes within the organism-either the degradation of substances, generally to gain necessary energy, or the buildup of complex molecules necessary for life processes-are collectively termed metabolism. These chemical changes depend on the action of organic catalysts known as enzymes, and enzymes, in turn, depend for their existence on the genetic apparatus of the cell. 
The body undergoes many types of pathways for its proper function. Each pathways and process occurs in different organelles. The photosynthesis occurs in leaf, whereas the synthesis of the ATP takes place in mitochondria. 
Each enzyme has unique role to play in different process. For example DNA ligase helps in Binding of the fragments. Without these no metabolic reaction occurs. Each molecule uses different pathways to enter into the bogy. Glucose undergoes glycolysis. Along with this there are different pathways for aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration. All the energy required for life process is obtained by oxidation of some macromolecules. 

This subject also deals with the investigation of chemical changes in in nutrition, genetics, and agriculture.Animal biochemistry, Plant biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular biology, Cell biology, Metabolism is some of the main branches of biochemistry. The techniques employed in this fields include - Molecular genetics (Northern blotting, PCR, DNA micro array), Protein purification (Western blotting, ELISA) Structural determination (NMR, Electron microscopy) etc. Laboratory level experiments include Titration, Salt analysis, Macro molecule isolation and sampling and storing.

Study Bio-Chemistry 

  • In biochemistry concepts and ideas of two different fields are merged together. Each subject has its own ideas; together it creates certain confusion and leads to difficulty while perusing it.
  • Since mathematical derivation and equation are involved, it needs sound knowledge of mathematics for solving problems related to biochemistry.
  • As there are many macromolecules to be studied and compared related to their function and structure, one must first have basic knowledge about two subjects separately.
  • Formulas, derivation, Equation, Graph plotting are other areas which causes problem.


  • Any problem can be solved if proper understanding about that topic is available. Studying the subject with utmost concentration can help you to solve the problem arising in the midst. 
  • One has to prepare notes while preparing a particular topic according to their point of view. That notes have to be get reviewed by peers and then used for further study.
  • Referring articles and research papers will also help in many ways.
  • Continuous revision and practice is needed where mathematical derivation and formulas are involved.

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