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Importance of Gerontology

Gerontology is the science which considers the process of ageing or the problems of old aged people. The normal human body while ageing gets destroyed slowly due to the extensive overwork of the systems and tissues. Normally, most of the tissues renew themselves but with age, they lose their renewing capacity and so, with increasing age, the body functions slow down and eventually stops which is when death occurs.

This field is closely related to the field of medicine, pharmacology, evolutionary biology. It also needs assistance from the field of chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, pathology, genetics, etc. This is a complicated field which is still growing due to the increasing number of age-related diseases.

This field is very important for the sustenance of human race. During Stone Age, the average life expectancy was considered around 25-30years of age. Today, in India the average life expectancy of a normal adult is at least 60years. This is possible because of a lot of research into this particular field. The main objective is that as the body ages, it weakens which gives rise to a lot of diseases. Age is an important factor in many diseases. The diseases can lifestyle disease like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disorders or they can also have degenerating disorders like osteoarthritis. The study and research into these diseases and conditions is to prevent them and eventually elongate the lifespan of the individual. The study of ageing also helps to understand the changes that occur which help us to come up with better management and treatment options of diseases of the old age. Also, it is important to understand that old age causes a lot of weakness which makes them susceptible to a lot of infections. Also, minor infections can be life threatening in these cases.

Difficulties faced by students while solving Gerontology Problems

As it is evident the field is complicated. There are too many unknowns in the field. There is a lot of ongoing research in the field. That is always a problem with such heavily researched field is the credibility of the research. Besides the research, the assignments in this field are very generic which requires aa total perspective outlook. Hence, it is important to include all aspects of the fields. Also, another major problem in the field is the non-standardisation of the research pool. There are no 2 individuals which are exactly similar. There is always a variation in lifestyle, environment. Also, genetics play a major role. Hence, no research can absolutely confirm a certain theory or hypothesis. These problems cause much distress in making an assignment. The students find it difficult to condense matter. The formatting of the assignment is also important in such a dynamic field. All assignments need to follow a format that delivers all the pertinent information in a systematic and easy to understand manner.

Few tips to solve Gerontology Problems

The main solution in solving problems is research. No assignment can be complete without the appropriate research backing it. The research selected should be from a credible source. The assignment in itself must be structured correctly. The aim of the structure should be o give an all-around perspective of the topic. The assignments must be written in a way so that it is condensed with no loss of matter. Also, it is important to have a systematic approach to the topic. It is only possible if the student has a chain of points structure framed before. The assignments must be supplied with appropriate facts and statistics from credible sources. There should be inputs from all fields. Innovative thinking and ideas are highly encouraged in the fields but the feasibility of the idea must be checked before entering it into the assignment. The feasibility can be based upon ongoing research or independent research results that the student may have to conduct. 

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