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Importance of Genetics- Genetics is a branch of science that deals with the study of genes, variations or mutations, heredity in living organisms. This branch of science is necessary to understand the process and laws of inheritance and segregation of characters from parents to their offsprings. Genes are the functional unit which provides information to the cell for survival, growth, regulation and synthesizing proteins. The study of genetics helps in understanding the structure and function of genes, their behavior in cell, the gene distribution and variation within the population and in different populations. In genetic diseases, the study of genes is necessary to understand the genetic change in the individual which has lead to changed genotype thus changing the phenotype from a healthy state to diseased state. Genetic diseases are due to change in the genetic makeup that is the DNA of the individual. The change in DNA, changes or disrupts or misleads the protein thus damaging the cell ultimately leading to a disease. Genetic studies will help in understanding the mode of disease inheritance in the pedigree. Understanding linkage, recombination between loci needs genetic knowledge. Information about genes play a main role in therapeutic application that is in Gene therapy. Genetic changes were once thought to be irreversible to treat but new therapeutic approaches will gene therapy have opened new frontiers in personalised treatment. Doctors and Scientist are using gene therapy as a platform to treat and cure many illnesses. Gene therapy requires a thorough understanding of the gene information, how the genes work in our body and what happens when it does not work properly. Thus genetics is an important field of science and medicine. 

Few topics covered under genetics

Genes and Mutations, Gene expression, Structure of nucleic acids, Mendel lawsLaws of Dominance, law of segregation, law of independent, ,assortment, Recombination, linkage and Crossing over, Crosses- Monohybrid cross, dihybrid cross, Punnet square, Allelic frequencies, Human genetics , Genetics of Inherited diseases, genetics of infectious diseases, Genome wide association studies, Population genetics, Pedigree analysis, Molecular genetics, disease genetics.

Difficulties faced by students in studying genetic

Student face difficulties in understanding the genetic disease inheritance while solving pedigrees of families in question. A thorough understanding of gamete formation, fertilisation, cell division stages, linkage and crossing over is necessary to solve genetic problems.

Knowledge about the terminology in genetics will help in solving problems. Students often get confused in identifying the inheritance pattern in pedigree problems. Mapping and gene order problems require understanding about cross over and recombination and knowledge of the formulas of linkage. 

Important tips to solve genetic problems-

  • Read the question carefully, understand what is provided in the question, understand what is asked in the question, and make a note of what you know like the formulas needed in solving and answering the question.
  • Study and have thorough knowledge about the different rules used to solve genetic pedigree problems.
  • Have thorough knowledge about the patterns of inheritance
  • Determine which genes are dominant and which is recessive
  • While drawing a punnet square, do determine all the gametes that each parent in the cross can make.
  • Have thorough knowledge about the terms genetic terms like homozygous, heterozygous, dominant, recessive, linkage etc
  • Practice more problems as this will help in solving them fast

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