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Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary study of living organisms and other relevant molecules to develop new systems   or improvise the present ones which can subsequently enhance the quality of living and healthy ageing for humans. This vast field comprises of study of genes, proteins and other macromolecules of the human (or animal) body; it also enables in new and advanced agricultural techniques and introducing environmental benefits.

It is an important topic to be included in academic curriculum by Biology teachers as today's students are the eventual decision makers for the development and application of these new biotechnological systems, which would lead to a better future.

Importance of Biotechnology

As Biotechnology mediates the development of new systems and techniques by bridging science and technology together to enhance human life quality and healthy ageing, it is of great significance in today's time. Biotechnology has come a long way, by being introduced as food biotechnology in Mesopotamian and other ancient civilizations to the field of Bioinformatics and DNA fingerprinting today which aid forensic scientists. It is also a golden tool which can help in solving key global issues such as epidemics, fatal diseases, global warming, need for alternative fuel sources and global shortage of food.

Biotechnology has applications in industry, medicine (personalized and molecular), green biotechnology for food and agricultural production, livestock breeding, etc. Some examples of biotechnological applications comprise of gene therapy and genetically modified plants and other organisms.

The field of biotechnology has had endless accomplishments, and the world has just started to recognize and realise the opportunities this field presents. Humankind turns to technology with every little problem that it faces, and biotechnology has introduced a whole new platform of solutions. Biotechnology is expected to revolutionize the way we perceive the world, and its technology; and thus, it has great importance within all sciences.


Difficulties faced by a student while solving Biotechnology problems

The high school or undergraduate courses in biotechnology generally focus on theoretical knowledge, and being a vast field, they try to include parts of all the various sub-fields of Biotechnology, which can be challenging for students as sometimes they don't have sufficient knowledge when attempting to solve certain problems of the field. As Biotechnology heavily relies on the basic concepts of Biology, any student who has trouble with Biology would definitely find Biotechnology equally tough.

Other problems that a student can face would be lack of practical skills. As theory from the courses are sometimes outdated, the students find solving real-world problems in Biotechnology extremely challenging and would require up-to-date knowledge of various applications and techniques of the field.

Few tips to solve Biotechnology problems

1.  Other than reading books for various Biochemistry or Molecular Biology topics, it would also be good if students read and comprehend latest research articles from the field to gain an up-to-date insight of how to conduct research.

2.  It would be good if students have a more hands-on practical experience.

3.  Along with learning theory of the field, students can also take up case studies of various research articles and formulate their own research ideas.

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