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The life on this planet Earth is surrounded by human, Plants and Animals. Among these human being is dependent on both plants and animals for their survival due to development of knowledge and technology. Cow plays major role in farming, whereas dog guards our house. Ever since human being appeared on earth they have been living with animals. 

            Animal are multicellular, Eukaryotic living beings. Based upon their living place they are classified as Domestic- (cow, Cat, Goat) Living in home as pet, and wild- (Lion, Tiger, Cheetah) living is dense forest. Based upon their food habits it's further classified as Herbivore (Plant eaters - cow, goat), Carnivore (Meat eaters-Lion, Jackal, Wolf) and Omnivore (Eats both plant and meat - Crow, Bear).

                        Animals and their product are of great use to man. Every day from Dawn to dusk man's life is influenced by animals. He woke up listening to the calls of the birds, depends on it for food, clothing, transport, etc. The buzzing of the bee was his first music; dance of the peacock was his first entertainment. Dogs and cats were his first playmate. It is tough to imagine a life without animals. Generally animal are of importance for following needs:






Food Yielding

Reared for food like milk, meat, Honey

Cow, Goat, Hen, Honey bee, Fish


Draught Animals

Farm Activities and Transport

Ox, Bullock , Horse, Cow, Elephant, Camel, Donkey


Fiber Yielding Animals

For clothes

Sheep, Llama, Goat, Silk moth, Buffaloes


Animal in medical field:

v  Apart from these animals are used in production of medicines. Heparin- an anti-coagulant is obtained from Ox lungs, Vitamin-D from Shark liver oil.

v  Animal like mice and guinea pig are the first beings on which drugs are tested before it is eventually administered to human being.

v  All the biological experiments are conducted on animal. It was a sheep named dolly which is the first cloned living organism in the science history.

v  Mono clonal antibodies are first produced using the mice.

Animals as space Astronauts:

Before man could explore the space, he used animals as the experimental tool. Many countries have used animals to explore the space first. They were the first space Astronauts Dog, Monkey, Flies, Mouse, Chimpanzee are among them.

Animals in War field:

Animals like Elephant, Horse, and Camel had played major role in the war field in the history. The Rani of Jhansi always uses to ride in a white horse. Each King and his kingdom had many number of troops of elephant and horse.

Animals Used in Communication:

It is now in modern age we have lots of modes for communication. But in ancient time's bird like dove used to send letter.

Animals worshipped as god:

According to certain religion animals are even considered as god and worshipped. It includes cow, snake, Peacock, Elephant (Ganapathy), Monkey (Hanuman) etc.


Animals in Entertainment:

Apart from helping human in many ways, animals also entertain us. The sports like hen fight, Cock fight, Bull fighting, etc. Many times our bed time stories include stories having animal character. Ex: Rabbit and tortoise race. In many Historic and Hollywood films animals play a major role.

Animal welfare and protection:

We get lots of benefits from animal. Yet human being assault animals in many ways. To protect the animals from such cues a NGO has organized certain rules and regulation to be employed while handling animals. It includes Blue cross and BETA.

Apart from these uses, the animals also play a major role in maintaining earth's natural environment. It helps in the flourishment of the flora by seed dispersing, breathing out carbon di oxide , pollination and so on. It maintains ecological balance.

Study Animal Biology

  • Study of animal is highly a vast subject. Grouping of animals according to their structural and functional classification needs a proper knowledge of all animal species existing on earth.
  • Though we get information about animals in different sources, it is not enough for the purpose.
  • Each animal differ in its appearance and function as well. To differentiate them needs lots of experimental research and theory.
  • To understand such theory it makes student difficult as all those differ only in minute variation.
  • Any problem can be solved if proper understanding about that topic is available. Studying the subject with utmost concentration can help you to solve the problem arising in the midst.
  • One has to prepare notes while preparing a particular topic according to their point of view. That notes have to be get reviewed by peers and then used for further study.
  • Referring articles and research papers will also help in many ways.

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