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What are viruses?  Why their study is is important for us.

Importance of Study of virus- Viruses are infectious particles that can replicate only in a living cell. They can infect bacteria, microorganisms, animals and plants. The study of the aspects related to virus is called virology which is a sub-specialty of microbiology. It involves studying the structure, classification, the viral invading mechanisms, viral life cycle, virus escape mechanisms, diseases caused by viruses, Diagnostic methods for detecting the virus, the viral identification and methods and techniques to culture virus. Viruses cause a broad spectrum of diseases severity ranging from mild to potentially fatal as seen from common cold and Acquired Immuno deficiency syndrome (AIDS) respectively. Study of viruses is important the diseases caused by viruses are complex and have high mortality rate because viruses is diverge and the viral diseases lead to mortality. New viruses are emerging posing treat globally. Despite research in the field on virology and development of new strategies preventing viral infections some diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis C Viral infection have no licensed vaccine up-to-date. This is due to the complex genetic diversity of the virus, and their defending pattern against the drugs making them killer viruses. Most viruses have error prone replication hence the new virions escape from the drug targets and challenge the treatment leading to treatment relapse. Hence virology is very important in the present scenario where new viruses are emergence

Few topics covered in viruses and virology-

Virus classification, life properties, genome and structure of the viruses, the genetic  variations in the virus, Viral life cycle, the genome replication, Different host range, diseases caused by viruses , Epidemiology disease symptoms, Methods in diagnosing the diseases, Molecular approaches to diagnosis, life cycle of viruses, viral evasion and escape mechanisms, Therapeutic Implications - drug targets, vaccine strategies and proteomic approaches; drug resistance, the role of viruses in evolution, Preventive measures for viral diseases, Awareness programmes, clinical trials.

 Difficulties faced by students in solving virus related questions-

  • New Viruses evade life threatening the human life, so have an up-to-date knowledge of new viruses.
  • Students have problems in answering the classification questions.
  • For answering classification related questions, in-depth knowledge about the classification of virus, the basis for their classification, the characteristics features of different viral divisions, sub-divisions and classes with examples.
  • Student who does not have a microbiology subject in their School and graduation will have problems in answering questions hence basic knowledge of virus and virology is necessary for a science student.
  • Treatment to some viral diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis B viral infection, Hepatitis C Viral infection depends on the number of copies of the visions circulating in the patient. For this real time PCR analysis is carried out. Student faces problems in answering the number of copies of the virions.

Important tips to solve virus related questions-

  • Read the question carefully, understand what is provided in the question, understand what is asked in the question, and make a note of what you know like the formulas needed in solving and answering the question.
  • Have knowledge about the history of virology
  • Read about the virus classification
  • Have knowledge of the copy number variation, real time PCR.
  • Practice more problems as this will help in solving them fast

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