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The term ZOOLOGY or Animal biology is the branch of science that deals with the study of the evolution, structure, classifications, behaviors and distribution of fauna (animals) into various species, both living and extinct.  This serves as the collections of basic concepts that paved the way for the evolution other research and studies on fauna.  The main objective of this assignment is to portray the Importance of Zoology in Academic Curriculum through the following subtopics.

Importance of Zoology in Academic Curriculum

            This World is composed of natural a factor that includes flora (plants) and fauna (animals) that are two major on earth.  Those natural factors are interconnected with each other to form an ecosystem.  We Human are also involved in these factors and it is necessary for us to learn about the natural factors that have surrounded him to lead an eco-friendly life.  Zoology is the place where we get a perfect and detailed analysis of animal kingdom according to their both internal and external characteristics, both in and not in existence.

The interesting fact is that the detailed analysis is done starting right from unicellular to multicellular organisms.  So, this will give an awareness of whole ecosystem and how the process of life is there in those organisms.  The current medical science got its technological development by keeping aside the basic concepts of zoology.  So, it plays a major role in human life.

Difficulties encountered in study of zoology:

            The problems in zoology are a numerous classifications of species and their biological names.  Since it has a detailed analysis of animal kingdom from single cell to multi cell organisms, there are numerous classifications among them and each and every species involved in the classification has a unique biological name.  Such biological names will not be in easy English. It is a combination of English with other European languages.

            The above problems will create an uncomfortable situation to understand the concept of those species and also we will not be able to get a clear idea after a detailed study.  The biological names will be difficult to remember because of its complexity.

            Another considerable problem is the classification done under a species.  This classification is based on how and where they live.  For example, Cow is a terrestrial animal because it entirely lives on land and fish is an aquatic animal because it entirely lives in water. The taxonomic ranks like Kingdom, phylum, order, class, family, genus, species are the majors classification factors that has several subtypes in it, that differentiates animals into mammals, insects, birds etc.,

            These Difficulty prevailing in this taxonomy ranks is to understand the numerous concepts under each ranks that define the behavior and characteristics of the animals.

Few Important tips to learn better Zoology problem:

            The problem solving is a general concept in all aspects.  But some tips regarding to solve the problems in zoology is discussed under this topic.  The above mentioned problems can be solved by understanding the concepts clearly.  Each and every concept will be connected with a general point.  That general point is the key tip to overcome the difficulty to understand the zoological concepts.  Relating the general point, the concepts can be understood with the unique differences in them.

            The biological names can be related to their common English name and Latin name to memorize as these two are combined to form that scientific name.  And also Science is an interesting subject with many amazing information about the natural creatures living in the world and zoology is the one important branch in science. 

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