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Importance of Homeostasis

In the field of biology, to be more precise in nature itself. Everything eventually must end up in a balance. This tendency is present universally and forms the basic principle of existence. The property of a system in the body of a living organism to maintain the balance internally is homeostasis. It can be any regulatory functions of the body. It can be maintenance of pH, maintenance of body temperature. Homeostasis is achieved by regulating hormones or concentration of electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium in the blood. Any auto regulatory mechanism works with the aim of homeostasis of the body. The concept was explained for the first time by French physiologist Claude Bernard in 1865 and the word was coined by Walter Bradford Cannon in 1926.

Homeostasis is of the utmost importance. It is the aim of all biological processes of the world. It is important to be studied because it helps to predict the reaction of the body when put under a certain type of stress. The condition of homeostasis in a living thing helps us understand the nature and the factors that the living thing needs. We understand the importance of different factors on a living thing by observing the changes in the homoeostatic conditions inside. The condition varies from one creature to another. The study of homeostasis helps us in finding new treatment in treating diseases. For example, if a person is in an acidotic condition to a certain disease, by knowing how the body is going to correct itself to achieve homeostasis, we can help synthetically to accelerate the process. 

Difficulties faced by students while solving Homeostasis Problems

The field of homeostasis is unique. The field is very broad and undefined in its boundaries. Also, the field is different in itself because nowadays, we know the end result or conclusion of the field. We are trying to gather information as to how it reaches the end stage. This is not the case with most fields as the research is for the end stage. Thus, the study of the field is quite hard. The problems are numerous n numbers. No research can be definitive. Also, majorly everything in this field is happening at a microscopic level with macroscopic results sometimes. So, the important problem is the research. Also, it is condensation of the matter. Also, this is still a growing field and hence, lot of new research is available which is difficult to keep a track of. Another unique problem to this field is that this is a field that is studied from various other fields. It has inclusion from different fields like neurology, renal, cardiology and such fields. So, the assignment is expected to be multifaceted. 

Few tips to solve Homeostasis Problems

Few basic tips are to first understand the topic of the assignment properly and in detail. The assignment must be framed correctly. The different facets of the field must be included. A chain of thought will help keep the assignment focused and on point. It helps to give a good structure to the assignment. this should be followed by good research. Facts and statistics must always be per the latest study in the field. The content should be condensed, in a smooth flow, constantly be supplied with supporting statistics and facts. And it is always advised to end the assignment with a personal view on the topic. It helps to portray your understanding of the topic which is important for evaluation.

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