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Marine Biology

Importance of Marine Biology

Marine Biology is the branch of Biology that deals with all life forms of the water bodies. Instead of dividing the life forms on the basis of taxonomy, this particular field divides it on the basis of habitat. This particular branch is very important because 71% of the surface of the Earth is covered with water bodies. Also, life is said to have originated in the water. So, water based life forms are of various types. they can either be newly evolved species or a very old species. The variety of the life forms and the nature of symbiosis is what are fascinating about the subject. The field is so vast that though the field is being researched since a long time, we are yet to map the entire ocean. New species are still being discovered on a daily basis. There is a lot more to be learnt in this field.

The life forms vary from unicellular micro-organisms to something as big as the blue whale which is the largest mammal on earth. There are fungi, algae, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, fishes, mammals. There are some creatures with very interesting adaptations for survival like camouflage or modified body parts or even defence mechanism. There are also a lot of creatures that are poisonous. All dangerous and interesting characteristics are what make this field interesting. the field is closely linked to oceanography. It also is closely associated with ecology. Marine biology as a field includes fish science and marine conservation. Marine Biology along with oceanography can be constituted a part of Marine Science.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Marine Biology problems

Marine Biology though a biological field requires knowledge from many fields. It needs your knowledge of biology. Also, chemistry comes into play to understand the habitat. Then you need electrical and IT knowledge to use and build instruments that you can use for better monitoring. Also, with the habitat being water, it becomes very important to know physics to understand concepts like pressure difference, etc. the assignments in this particular field are also expected from all points of view. So, the student faces problems while writing such multifaceted assignment. Commonly, the assignment can seem biased to certain points of view and not explored enough from another side. Also, it becomes important to form a good continuity. Also, it should be kept condensed and informative at the same time. The task seems quite challenging. Also, a lot of times while solving practical problems, the student needs to think out-of-the-box to come up with a solution. Also, lots of student's assignments are sent to international journals for publishing due to the ground breaking research. In such cases, the articles must follow a specific format and if the articles are not up to the mark originally, then the articles have to be rewritten which leads to a waste of time. Also, the students are not trained in their curriculum regarding these formats which is very important to know.

Few important tips to solve Marine Biology problems

Most important problems with an assignment in Marine Biology are framing the structure of the assignment. So, the main tip is to have a chain of thought that should be followed. It helps to prepare the transitions first to form a better chain of thought. The matter should be condensed and compartmentalised well. The problem with such a vast field is easy distraction and that should be looked into. The matter should be kept as relevant to the topic as possible. Also, simplifying complex concepts always helps to explain the topic better to the reader. The statistics do help but should be limited in itself. Too many statistics tend to make the assignments dull. Also, it is better to study the formats of well received articles in international journals for better understanding the structure. Also, the students should be taught the format of the international publications for their better understanding and composition of the assignment.

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