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Mycology - Importance of Mycology

Mycology is a field of biology that deals with the study of fungi. Fungi are one of the most versatile organisms. They are a source of food. They can cause diseases. Sometimes they are even toxic. At the same time, some fungi have antibiotic properties and important secondary metabolites. Fungi were initially classified under botany because it was not known till a few decades ago that evolutionarily fungi may be closer to animals than plants. Fungi form an integral part in Western medicine especially the Chinese medicine. It is also used to some extent in the modern allopathic medicine as well. Fungi have a need to be studied closely because fungi have a very important role on earth as that of symbionts. Fungi are also very important in pollution control because they have the capacity to breakdown the toxic chemicals causing pollution. And hence, fungi play a very important role in the global carbon cycle. It is believed by some scientists that fungi can hold the key to save our world from pollution. Lately, it is also being studied as food as the edible fungi are very nutritious and do not require special conditions to grow.

The side branch of mycology that deals with the disease-causing fungi is called medical mycology. In medicine, fungal diseases had stumped doctors for ages till cure was found. The most common ones are Candida infection, aspergillosis. Fungi can cause mild infection to severe fatal diseases. The characteristic of fungi to adapt easily and propagate is advantageous when we consider it as food but the same characteristic is responsible for the severe disease. Unlike other disease causing bacteria and virus, fungi manage to survive and sustain in the harshest of environments.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Mycology problems

The problem with fungi study is that as they are so adaptable, it is impossible to tag all species of fungi. New fungi keep developing. The students need to be highly updated regarding their knowledge of fungi. The study of mycology is difficult because it is difficult to identify different fungi. Also, the concept of seeing is believing is highly used in this field. Because one of the main ways to identify the fungus is visually. The problem that students face in assignments of mycology is keeping them updated with the new information. The fungi database is continuously being kept updated and it is difficult for a student to follow the progress. Also, another problem that students have is the format of the assignment. In an article type of assignment, every professor, journal has a different format. This leads to a lot of problems for students to compose an assignment of good quality.

Few important tips to solve Mycology problems

As it is evident, assignment of mycology is riddled with a lot of hurdles. There are a few tips you could follow to make your work a tad bit easier. For example, unlike a normal assignment, when describing a fungus, the biological name and group that belongs to should be mentioned. Preferably before an introduction. Also, the core part of describing any fungus is the identification. A detailed and simplified language must be used to describe the fungus. Pictorial representations if available are always encouraged. While describing, the description should be in a specific order rather than a haphazard manner. Also, visual characteristics take precedence in identification as some fungi are poisonous to touch. The different formats should be confirmed before composing the assignment. If tests are required for identification, then the result should be shown with a diagram or a photograph. The key to composing a good assignment in mycology is step-by-step, methodical composition including all relevant information in the most condensed manner possible. 

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We are a team that offers to help you compose and even solve Mycology based assignments. We have a panel of Experts who are available 24X7 to help you with your assignments. The experts are from the field or closely associated with the field. The experts understand the problem areas in an assignment on Mycology and are well equipped to smoothen it out. We as a website manage to offer solutions to all your woes on time as we ourselves adhere to strict deadlines. We make sure that the assignment is of good quality and methodical just the way you would want it to be. The experts compose the entire article by themselves. This ensures original content and views and is free of plagiarism. Also, the experts check and recheck the fact before including any of them in the assignment. The assignment itself has to meet the high quality standard set by us before being delivered to you.

How may we help you?

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