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The study of general science is introduced in the school curriculum at an early age. This is because science is the foundation of further studies. Science is an essential part of education because we are surrounded by science in daily life. It helps us to understand the world better and carry out many routine activities. Yet, we find that many students fear certain subjects like maths, languages and science. These subjects are different from factual, descriptive subjects like social studies. Maths and science are full of abstract concepts and special skills. All students do not possess the abilities and sharpness required for understanding science. Perhaps, they may be interested in one branch of science, like physics or biology; but general science at the foundation stage is comprehensive and consists of a judicial combination of all branches. So some parts are bound to be difficult for each student. Yet, being a compulsory subject that expects minimum competencies, one cannot avoid it.

Difficulties in general science

  • There are abstract scientific concepts which are difficult to understand.
  • Certain concepts cannot be understood without experiments, demonstrations, diagrams etc.
  • Many schools do not have laboratories or equipment necessary to teach science
  • Competent teachers are scarce.
  • It is impossible on the part of teachers to pay individual attention to each student and maintain control in overcrowded classrooms.
  • Students have to draw figures and diagrams and they may not be good in drawing.
  • Science includes calculations and formulas. Students who are not good in maths get stuck with problems in science.
  • The subject is as much conceptual as it is theoretical.
  • Definitions have to be learnt by heart and reproduced exactly in the same words.
  • Students have to remember and apply formulas to propositions.
  • Science is also an application based subject. Students find it difficult to apply scientific principles in real life.
  • Projects are always assigned in general science and they are time consuming and challenging.

Some topics in general science

  • Scientific principles and theories.
  • Experiments and demonstrations
  • Scientific equipment
  • Formulas and calculations
  • Different branches of science
  • Application of scientific laws
  • Important definitions
  • The study of scientists and their discoveries
  • Scientific instruments
  • Giving scientific reasons
  • Cause and effect relationships

These are the general topics but there can be many. The curriculum and difficulty level of science varies across countries and boards / universities.

Online help in general science

Nowadays parents are busy with their jobs from morning to night and have little time to spare for their children. The latter need regular help and guidance in difficult subjects like science. The foundation stage is important. If they do not understand the subject well in the beginning, they lose confidence and can never do well in it. All they need is a little push and encouragement. When parents do not get time, they send children to coaching classes which are not different from school classrooms. Moreover they have to attend the classes regularly, spending additional time and money in transport. Safety is another issue. offers General Science help, Assignment Help, General Science Assignment Writing Help, General Science Assignment Tutors, General Science Solutions, General Science Answers, Biology Assignment help and Experts support Online.

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