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Diversity of life

As knowledge continues to increase, the branches of knowledge multiply. When there is knowledge explosion, it is difficult to keep track of the numerous branches of knowledge. Specialization is increasing and there are people who wish to do something different, something special and uncommon. In their educational courses, they tend to select uncommon subjects. They love to delve deep into topics that are not in the limelight and get the satisfaction of treading new paths. Under the vast domain of science, there are thousands of branches that deal with specific, micro subjects. Evolution of species is one such interesting subject, which further develops into diversity of life.

Evolution itself is an interesting subject. During the course of evolution, mutations and adaptations led to so many life forms! This has created diversity in life. There is diversity in human life, plant life and animal life. Darwin's theory of Survival of the Fittest also creates diversity during the process of evolution. Perhaps, there may be some life forms that we have not discovered as yet! Almost 1.8 million species are known as on date. Yet there is much scope for exploration. Diversity of life is boundless! There are people who find this fact very exciting and devote themselves to this unique branch of study - Diversity of Life.

In ancient times, living organisms were classified into 5 groups based on their physical features. They were plants, animals, bacteria, fingi and protists. In modern times, the classification is made using phylogeny. A phylogenic tree diagram depicts all the relationships among different biological species; this classification is based on both physical traits and genetics. It shows the similarities and differences in species. The tree consists of nodes and branches. The node is the point of ancestry when the ancestor forms two separate species.

Some challenges in the study of Diversity of Life

The moment you think of pursuing a rare subject, you must accept the fact that there will be few experts to guide you. You will have to rely on deep self-study and spend hours, days and months in library reading and research. Without hard work, you will be unable to cope with a different, out-of-the-way subject.

Diversity of life is a vast subject. To study the process of evolution from the beginning, one has to go back to the origin of life on earth and trace the process from millions of years, coming down to the present. The subject is informative and factual and one must have a sharp memory to remember all the details.

One has to study the species that existed in the past and no longer exist. One cannot neglect species living anywhere on the planet earth, in oceans, at the poles, in atmosphere and terrestrial creatures.

Even if the subject is vast, there is no need to compromise with your career if you are determined to study it. Even if you choose the rarest of subjects, there is no need to worry about getting help. It is there, just at your fingertips!

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