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The word ecology has started coming into focus not very long ago. It was when the environment faced dangers that human beings realized the role and significance of ecology. Ecology is concerned with every living organism on this planet, flora, fauna or any other, irrespective of its size and number. The word 'eco-friendly' has become very common and refers to anything that conforms to the environment. The prefix 'eco' is borrowed from the word 'ecology'.

Thousands of organisms exist on the earth and they continuously interact with each other. Ecology studies the relationship and interaction between various organisms. Every organism exists in some kind of environment which affects it, and gets affected in turn. Ecology includes the study of organisms with relation to their environments. Human beings are also a vital element in the ecological system.

The study of ecology is important for numerous reasons.

  • It provides us with information about different kinds of habitats like water, deserts etc. This gives us a better understanding about the world around us.
  • A better understanding of the environment allows us to identify harmful elements in it so that health issues can be handled easily.
  • When we understand the environment well and the harmful agents that destroy it, we are able to manage environmental issues also.
  • Some chemicals emanate from some species that are useful in treating certain diseases.
  • Various drugs are made from substances found in specific ecological settings.
  • Invasion of human beings destroy some habitats leading to extinction of a number of species. This can be prevented with the help of ecological knowledge.
  • Forest management has become possible due to study of ecology.
  • Damage of crops can be prevented when we learn about various pests and insects that destroy crops on a large scale.

Thus, study of ecology is useful in almost all fields like agriculture, fishing, health, medicine, population control, preserving the environment etc.

Difficulties encountered in the study of ecology

On account of environmental problems, the study of environment is made compulsory in graduation courses, whatever the faculty or subject. Even students of Arts and Commerce are expected to have minimum basic knowledge of the subject, although the grades are not counted in the final examination results.  Passing in the subject is mandatory in order to get through the year.  Several ecological concepts are part of environmental studies. Students of Arts and Commerce lack the scientific base to understand ecological concepts.

There are various terms in ecology like environment, population, bio-diversity, eco-system etc. that are used commonly but have technical connotations. Most students fail to understand the meaning and scope of these terms.

Another difficulty is the scope of the subject. Ecology does not exclude any species on earth and there are millions of them. The tremendous diversity found in species is baffling and confusing.

The types of habitats are also many. Moreover, carrying out comparisons and contrasts in organisms, classifying them into families, studying them in groups is all very confusing.

Some organisms are extinct and we can never see them. Ecology studies the living organisms, the dead ones and dying ones, also the ecological factors that cause them to perish.

Some topics covered in ecology

  • Population ecology
  • Animal behaviour
  • Ecosystems
  • Microbial ecology
  • Creation and evolution
  • Bio-diversity
  • Exo-biology
  • Human ecology
  • Global ecology
  • Recycling
  • Bio remediation
  • Food microbiology
  • Biotechnology
  • Fuel production
  • Bio control

This is not an exhaustive list. As mentioned earlier, ecology is a subject that has tremendous scope and touches upon all dimensions of human life and nature.

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