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Medical Biology

Importance of Medical Biology

Medical Biology is the study that has real life applications in medical field. It is the basis for laboratory and diagnostic medicine. The branch forms the basis of any healthcare associated subject. Medical Biology is mostly generally referring to humans but it technically consists of all animals. There are various fields associated with the field of medical biology. It forms the basis of most preclinical and diagnostic subjects of biology.

The diagnostic techniques developed with medical biology as a base forms branches like biochemistry, microbiology, virology, forensic medicine and toxicology, etc. the therapeutic applications of the branch helped in forming techniques of in vitro fertilization. Medical biology combined with molecular biology is responsible for humans mapping the genomes of different animals and different genetic tests that have led to diagnosing and treating various diseases. Medical biology is responsible for all the breakthroughs in medicine. All diseases like cancer and HIV are diagnosed using the principles of medical biology.

Medical biology is also important for the better understanding of a lot of fields. Medical biology helps us understand the biochemical processes that take place that helps living things functions. It is from this knowledge that research leads us to medications for different diseases. It all stems from understanding the abnormalities caused in the normal functioning which is also highlighted by medical biology.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Medical Biology problems

The field of medical biology is too wide. It forms the basis of all the fields. And it forms such a dense interconnected tangled web that assignments are difficult because there is too much matter. The main problem in this field is the condensation of the matter in an assignment. Then there is another question of the multiple angles and point of views from different aspects per subjects. A univocal approach to any assignment is incorrect in this field. We may highlight a certain subject but not mentioning other aspects is a mistake in itself. Also, the problem that follows is how much in depth should we go into a topic because the research on all topics in extensive and a lot of times various theories supporting and sometimes, even denying certain theories and topics. This gives rise to a lot of confusion to a student trying to compose an assignment. Because of the extensive material and research available on the net, filtering the research is a huge problem for the student. Another problem is forming the structure of the assignment. With such a vast databank available, it is easily to get off topic or even sometimes lose track of the main topic itself causing the assignment to appear very cluttered and disorganised.

Few important tips to solve Medical Biology problems

The most important tip is to filter our research. The field of medical biology works on a concept of formulating a hypothesis followed by its proof confirming it as a theory and this is a problem for students as there are several hypotheses formulated which have yet been proven. Also, it is important to form a structure regarding the assignment. With so much matter it is difficult to keep a track of it. The main areas to be focused on while composing the assignments is the transition areas. An abrupt transition area loses the focus of the reader so wills a lengthened transition. A mistaken transition can leave the reader abrupt and leave him unsatisfied with the material. The simplification of the technical terms also helps majorly. the format of the entire assignment is also important as sometimes the format is unsuitable for publications. A good quality, original and well-structured assignment is the assignments that can outreach globally.

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