Job opportunities to international students while studying in USA - Know 10 highest paying part-time jobs?

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Job Opportunities for International Students in USA

Studying in USA is never easy for Indian students or international students, because Living in US is one of the expensive study choice option for students, but due to reputation of universities of USA, students prefer to study in USA and hence they take a load of expenses during this period.

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International Student Guide to Working in the USA

The question comes in student's mind while studying in US that Can I Work in the USA While Studying? What are the top 10+ USA Work-Study Opportunities for International Students, How can I get Part-Time Job Options in the USA for International Students?We explain some of Job Opportunities in USA for International Students in this article and its all About Part Time Jobs for Indian Students in USA, We also elaborate 10 Popular Part-time Campus Jobs for Students in the US 2022 - 2023.  What are the restrictions with Working in the U.S as an International Student; We also answered the question Can You Work Part Time with a US Student Visa? Know the Top Jobs for International Students in the US? How many hours can students work while studying in the USA? What are the choices to Work while you Study in USYou look at jobs and working options While Studying in USA on an F1 Visa.

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Why do international students prefer to work as part time jobs during Education?

Apart from food expenses, course fees, rent and living costs, we can understand that how expensive it is to study in USA at university for international or Indian students. So while taking the decisions like which university to choose in US and what course or classes to attain should be top most priorities when students are going to plan to study abroad USA, so it should a proper plan of how to finance your studies. Working as part-time jobs not only help to solve this problem, but also it's also a great way of meeting new people, expands your network before permanent job and developing new skills that will enhance your CV. But before students start applying time jobs, there is some boundation on part-time jobs for Indian students / international students in the USA to be aware of that.

Part-time jobs for international students: What can you earn?

First things first, how much money can a student expect to earn? The federal minimum wage is declared currently $7.25 per hour, but each state of America settled its own wage laws. So some of the states declared the minimum wage about as $15 per hour in some states, it can be low somewhere about to as $7.25 in others.

Furthermore, this means where you select to study in USA will have a big impact on how much you are going to earn as part time. But its also depending on your level of relevant job working experience - you can earn between $7.25 to $10 range per hour at minimum, with more highly skilled experience jobs paying upto of $10.

What are the limitations for international students While Applying for Part-Time Jobs?

During study in USA, the students prefer to work as part time at same time, but there are some visa limitations that is required to keep in mind. Breaking the rules of USA visa can harm your student status at risk, and sometimes it can even lead to deportation.

Any international student or Indian student who is studying an academic or English Language programme at a US university institution is issued with an F1 student visa.

You can find out more restrictions and rules of F1 visa, but the important thing to learn when it comes to searching work in USA is that students with F1 visa can apply only work on-campus at their current university within the range of maximum of 20 hours a week during term time and during holiday time, this working hours go up to 40 hours a week.

There are many rules of expectation to the on-campus, that is included if you are suffering "severe economic hardship". You must know to speak to your designated school officials (DSO) who can provide you best options or will explain your employment options to you. We are going to provide 10 of the highest paying on-campus jobs for Indians or international students studying in US.

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10 highest paying part-time jobs for international students in the USA

  1. Campus ambassador
  2. Barista
  3. Research study assistant
  4. Library assistant
  5. Receptionist
  6. Department assistant
  7. Teaching assistant
  8. Food runner or catering assistant
  9. Tutor or peer mentor
  10. Sales assistant

Job opportunities to international students while studying in USA 

As everyone desires to be financially independent, this seems to be utmost among the international students. The fact is they need it too because of the high expenditures. Everyone is not from a well with family background. Alongside, it helps them to build connections, upgrade their CV's and they can also think it to take as a permanent job in the future too if suitable. Most-popular part- time jobs for students while pursuing their studies are: can be divided into two parts (on campus and off campus )

On Campus Jobs

  • Library Monitor: As the headline suggests what you actually need to do is monitor library assets and its place so that decorum need to be maintained. Apart from this you can also practice your own academics in its quiet environment or if you too are an aspirant reader your passion will also be followed up.
  • Assistant: In this post you need to ask your teacher/professor because it has no official posts. What you actually need to do just handle and collect assignment work. Earn extra cash by focusing on your academics and with fewer responsibilities. You can also work as an assistant in your own academic department and this will also lead you to make more and more connections with professors and some other higher grade professionals. For this you need to connect your Head of Department.

One can also work as a production assistant. In this if you have any cultural capability you can work as a trainer for the students backstage.

Research assistant is also one of the popular jobs internationally. This provides you great opportunities as USA is a hub for research and development too. In this you can assist Ph D scholars or those pursuing the degree. One can also assist their professors for any work.

  • Tutor: Likewise, we get the opportunity to tutor our juniors in our own nation during our undergrad same is with USA opportunities. In educational resource center of your university you can search for your peer tutor job.
  • Book store management: Deal with selling course books, reference books and other school supplies in your own campus only as a assistant. This will help you get ample discounts on your purchases too. Inquire the bookstore manager directly for this job.
  • Salesman: This is one of the best jobs for international students. Grocery stores, bookstores, clothing stores and many more offers you buck to sell their products. Unintentionally, you even get the chance to meet new and new people every day and you easily get mixed up in the society. There will be nothing as out of your comfort zone after it.
  • Catering assistant in your own campus: Best for students opting hospitality courses but can be done by other students too. Work as a barista person. People usually visit to drink coffee in order to get rid of sleep and lazy mornings. Work in you own campus food running stalls and along with getting extra bucks earn exciting discounts too.
  • Babysitter: It can be on campus job too. You can also do it outside your campus. For example your university employees such as professors and technicians might require someone to take care of their children. This is a very good job. You just need to be at home. The pay scale depends on the age of the children.
  • Guide and campus ambassador: After you are well known with your campus arena which might be after your first year completion, you can work as a guide. As universities in USA are very large, one needs to take paid guide to explore every corner of it. With this you can also help new applicants in every aspect they want and regardless of any discrepancy one can reach the location easily. Campus ambassador's work is to promote their college/university by outlining the benefits of applying. For someone who enjoys meeting new people and working in a team, this is a fantastic position. On open days, you can be invited to provide tours of the university's campus while imparting your knowledge of the institution and other fascinating details.

OFF Campus Jobs

  • Data entry operator: Work from home and earn about $7-$10 per hour.
  • Call-centers: Anyone who is outgoing and wants to improve their communication skills should take advantage of this excellent opportunity. Although this is a well-paying job, it requires above-average communication and language skills. Customer support departments frequently provide the chance to work remotely. You may search for call centre job vacancies on websites like Simply Hired, College Grad, and others.
  • Warehouse assistant: What makes this job to earn more bucks is their busy work schedules even in nights and on weekends as these facilities need to continue their operations with the full flow. You can pick orders, sort them and pack, maintain inventory, do administrative work operate the machinery or maintain high quality standards in the industry.
  • Restaurants: One can also work on cash counter, as a waiter or in the kitchen in any food corner.
  • Cleaner: International students also opt morning session jobs of car cleaning, or any other premises nearby the area.
  • Security guard: This is also one of the best job and highly paid. All you need is to sit in your cabin and monitor everything as a security agent. The great advantage is you need to sit idle and no hard work needs to be done. Night shifts are the best income source.
  • Pet walker: Dog daycare owners and anyone who can provide overnight pet sitting services might wind up earning twice as much money as dog walkers. Of course, if youhave prior expertise working with unusual creatures like farm animals, reptiles, and horses, your pay might be considerably greater.
  • Gym receptionist: Many gyms even operate around-the-clock, seven days a week, opening their doors early and closing late. College students who could attend class from 9 am to 5 pm might schedule their time well using these hours. Most gyms provide free or significant discounts to workers as an added incentive, which can help financially constrained students save money each month.

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