How one can limit own expenses while studying abroad - Know effective ways to minimize expenses!

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20 tacky yet effective Ways to save money while studying abroad:

In present time studying in your own country will cost you a lot and when you have decided to study in other country than you can calculate the expenses which include your fees along with accommodation and if staying off campus then rent and transportation expenses plus other expenses. So we can say that the expenses will thrice from your home country.

The students manages from their own to match the income with expenses, some students started their saving by doing part job and while others trying to minimize un necessary expenses. In this article we will teach you tacky but effective ways to minimize your expenses while studying abroad. For convenience we have explained four major expenses such as Travelling, laundry, eating, drinking,

Under each section we will explain to minimize the expenses related to the section and some Tips for International Students to Save Money.


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Section A- Travelling

1. Always choose low cost flights:

If you frequently traveled from flights it is advised to choose low fare flights, which might be less comfortable but helps in saving lots of money. Here are the names of cheap airlines, you can choose as per your country.

In USA- Spirit airlines, jet blue is cheap airlines.

In Australia students can travel from Jet star and Tiger air Australia.

For Students in Uk they can choose easy jet and Flyby.

2. Use your Smartphone to find travel related Apps:

It is good that you install all the travel related app in your phone, so while you are on flight search for the cheap taxi, bus and other transportation mode for reaching to your university of flat. Using Wi-FI finder will help in reducing the communication charges during travelling.


3. Try to find known people in the city:

If you are travelling one city to another city in the same country, try to connect with the friends or some relative who lived in that city. Staying with them will reduce your food and rent charges and also it is safe for you.       

4. Board on cheap tourism buses:

Most of the countries have the tourist buses with cheap fair for tourists. These buses are quite colorful so you can recognize them easily and board on the bus to

5. Always travel during off season:

Most of the students travel during holiday's time, that time everyone is on holiday that is why flights rates so high, it is advised that students should travel during off season.

Section B Laundry:

6. Swift from powdered soap from liquid soap:

Powdered detergents are cheaper than the Liquid and also eco friendly, liquid soap might be crate health issues to students.

7'. Try to fix the number of laundry in a month:

In aboard there is specifically a laundry room where you need to pay every time you visit there, it is advised to fix the number of laundry visit in a month to minimize the laundry expenses.

8. Wash clothes with hot water:

Drinking hot water is good for health same as washing with hot water is quickly clean the clothes, save detergent and laundry expense.

9. Dry your clothes in sunlight:

If you choose washing machine for drying your clothes, it will take few more time and waste of electricity. The fare for laundry will be saved.

Section C- Eating:

10.  Become your own chef-

The most of money is utilized in food expenses, so if you are staying for a long time becomes a chef for yourself, learn cooking for yourself. Try to learn quick dishes like sandwich, maggi, pasta, soup.

11. Buy monthly grocery at once:

Once you are ready to cook, make a list of items you will need in a month.

12. Do shopping from department store:

Do monthly shopping from the nearby any department store, you can save money and time from going market everyday for grocery.

13. Take membership and look out the schemes:

As you will but grocery every month, tie up with the department store and also listed your number for exciting schemes of the store.

14. Avoid going restaurant in holidays:

Try to avoid wasting money on going restaurant every holiday. Go for a walk in park, it will refresh you and save your money.

15. When Staying in university campus take your meal there:

If you staying in campus of university can't go out every day and can't cook food the eating in university campus is good option.

Section D Drinking:

16. Buy a water purifier:

Don't waste money on buying drinking water daily, invest at once in buying water purifier. It will be Cheap and convenient for you.

17.  Make your coffee/ tea:

Make your own coffee and tea, don't waste money outside by buying.

18. Do party at your home:

Avoid going out during weekends and invites your friends at home and have party.

19. Happy hours:

Going out in pub and disks in happy hours to claim your free drinks outside.

20. Avoid drinking cold drinks:

Try to limit the intake of cold drinks and other sweet drinks.

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