Application Deadlines for Popular USA Universities in 2022-2023 - Know Admission Procedure!

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Application Deadlines for popular USA universities in 2022-2023

As we all are aware that due to pandemic covid-19, everyone has affected somewhere in their life. But the biggest loss is bear by the students, they have to sacrifice going school almost two years. Many students who have applied for studying on foreign countries their applications also got rejected due to lockdown.

Now situation seems to be little fine and Many U.S. popular universities has opened their site for admission for students all over world. Universities has also aware that due to covid-19 students suffers a lot so now they have offered many schemes to students such as U.S. universities have offering scholarship to interested students. Plus they have extended the date for admission for students.

There are many new financial programs are started by universities to attract many students. Not even universities, school, colleges are also offering their courses online for limited students. With this support from the university we believe that other students will also be motivated for applying in forrgin country.

  Below we will explain you how to apply for famous U.S. universities and school for getting admission. We will also share the deadlines for the universities.

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Three time periods of slot in admission in the USA universities

You can apply for getting admission as per below slots:

1. Spring Intake- Like Indian universities U.S. universities also started taking admission in start of February 2022 this year. The semester will start from this slot from January and ends in April.

2. Summer Intake: For taking admission in this time slot, you need to fill the admission form in March 2022. This semester will start in May and ends in August.

3. Fall intake: This semester will start probably mid September 2022 and ends in December 2022. You need to fill the admission form in November, as the deadlines for this semester is between November 2021 to July 2022.

Here we have explained application deadlines for few universities, not all U.S. University have opened their sites according to these time slots. So students need to first check the officially websites of the university in which they are interested to take the admission.

Apart from these three seasons, those students who want to apply in international universities may have check below time slots as well.

Early decision admission deadlines:

However you want to increase the chances of getting admission in foreign university, here is solutions you can opt take the early admission process, where you need to apply few months before the deadlines of admission. The chances of getting select is very high in this type of admission, you may accept your result somewhere in mid December.

There is also an exception in this type of admission process, once you are passed and get selected for admission it is mandatory for student to get admission, they can't roll back at this stage.

Regular decision application deadlines:

These are just like the forrgin students seek admission in Indian universities like JNU. The admission application from deadline is from January and ends in March, you can apply during this time and you may expect you result in April.

There is one more option for students who are planning to retest the ACT and SAT and get higher score then there might be chances of getting scholarship and other financial aid programs. This option solves the students who have fee related issue and then can fulfill their dream at here.

Rolling basis admission:

In this process some U.S university didn't announce any set date for the application, there is no deadline for the same. In this case the seats are allotted in the basis of first come first serve.

However rolling admission give students admission at last minutes, it is quite competitive for students who applied late, in this case the rolling basis admission is not compulsory for students who got selected to join the university.

Application deadlines for popular U.S universities in 2022-23

1. Adelphi university open admissions from 1st march, 2022 and session will start from 1st Nov, 2022 for bachelors and masters.

2. Auburn university open admission from 1st Feb., 2022 for the session of 1st Nov, 2022 for bachelors and masters.

3. Dayton university open admission from 15thjuly, 2022 for the session of 12th Dec, 2022 for bachelors and masters.

4. Illinois university of Chicago opens their admission for session of 1st Feb, 2022 for bachelors and masters.

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Application Deadlines for Popular US Universities in 2022-2023

University and Level are mentioned below and its given date from Summer 2022 to Fall 2022

Adelphi University Bachelors and Masters 15th April, 2022 1st March, 2022 1st Nov, 2022

University of Dayton Bachelors and Masters 20th April, 2022 15th July, 2022 12th Dec, 2022

Auburn University Bachelors and Masters 1st Feb, 2022 1st Feb, 2022 1st Nov, 2022

University of Illinois, Chicago Bachelors 1st Feb, 2022

Masters 1st April, 2022

University of Kansas Bachelors and Masters 1st April, 2022 1st May, 2022 15th Nov, 2022

University of Utah Bachelors and Masters 1st April, 2022 1st June, 2022 1st Nov, 2022

University of Massachusetts, Boston Bachelors 1st July, 2022 1st Dec, 2022

Masters Graduate Direct Entry, admissions vary 1st Dec, 2022

Oregon State University Bachelors 20th June, 2022 1st Feb, 2022 28th Feb, 2022

Masters 1st Jan, 2022 1st April, 2022 1st Oct, 2022

Suffolk University, Boston Bachelors 15th Aug, 2022 1st Dec, 2022

Masters 1st April, 2022 15th July, 2022 1st Dec, 2022

University of South Florida Bachelors 1st April, 2022 15th Nov, 2022

Masters 15th Feb, 2022 (Applicable only to some programs) 1st June, 2022 15th Oct, 2022

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