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In student's academic life, it is very common to find them burning their midnight oil to accomplish/write custom essay. Essay writing is very interesting activity but only for them who know ins and outs of writing an essay. However, most of the students find it very hectic and nerve-racking work because it requires enough knowledge about the topic. They spend hours and hours to collect the references and write essay by giving their best but in most of the cases, but their work fails to impress the professors.

            Custom essay is easy to write but only when student has correct knowledge and reference material to write on topic of essay. If student doesn't have enough content sources or raw study guide then how can he able to write perfect essay? This is major problem in student's academic life when they start writing an essay. They don't have enough resources and lack of time to develop skill to fulfill academic essay requirement.

Importance of Essay Writing in Academic Curriculum 

Writing essay is an art. Custom essay writing is very important and common in most of the courses or academic disciplines because with the help of student's written essay, a professor is capable to evaluate the strength, knowledge and ability to learn. Your essay styles and content can play a major role to identify that how can you expresses your point of view on given topic, whether your knowledge is sufficient or you need further study on topic. Essay writing takes ample of knowledge about the subject and it helps to ameliorate the student's knowledge. 

Writing an essay is an art - Tips to write perfect essay.

Essay writing is not just an assignment or work but it is an art because this is the way that you express the things in order.  Like an artist who always works passionately, students should take their essay writing work seriously and always try to give their best to impress their professor with your writing styles. With the help of some quick tips student can write good essay, which will be helpful to secure desired score. Some useful tips are given below:

  • Captivating Language and right selection of word

In essay writing or any other kind of assignment, you should use only formal language. What kind of language you use makes the differences a lot there. Do not over use complex word and sentences structure because this can make the solution less understandable, which is not your motive.

  • No Plagiarism

Make sure the work whatever your have done must be in your own words because directly copying work considered in plagiarism work which is not acceptable in any condition. Plagiarism is punishable and student may lose marks when plagiarism is detected in the solution. Lots of online free plag detecting tools are there which is used to detect if there is any plagiarism in the solution.

  • Syntax and spelling error

Keep an eye on syntax and spelling error make in the essay. Making such silly mistakes show your lack of writing skills so double check the essay once it is completed.

  • Avoid using repeated sentence structure

It is common to see in students write up work that they write one thing repeatedly which make the solution dull and less captivating. Student should maintain the flow of writing and take care of cliché as well.

  • Proofreading is good habit

Yes, Proofreading is good habit because it increases the chance of correctness of your essay or assignment. It is something like double-checking your pad-lock while locking it. In the process of proofreading student can kick out small mistakes from the essay.

  • Essay formatting

Formatting of an essay is to make the appearance of the solution as per the given requirement in which line spacing, font size, font style, side margin, table of content and cover page etc are managed.

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