How Much Does it University Cost to Study in the US? Know The real cost of university in the USA?

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The real cost of university in the USA

Know the Real Costs for an international student to study at university in the US

This blog is about how much you can expect to spend on university in USA . what does university in the USA actually cost ?

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Many top universities had very competitive year while many universities that take test optional admission for international students after many conversation between me and my students about cost of attending these universities in USA . universities these days around the world change their way of admission and how scores impact there admission and scholarships .

  • The upside -giving more international students fair chance at admissions to top university even without SAT /ACT exposure.
  • The downside - in my opinion , I felt universities are being partial between who can pay the fees and who cannot while admissions.

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what it means to students trying study in USA ?its becomes super important subject in finding universities and application process:

1. What is budget for studying in the USA? you have to develop a budget including personal funds , family savings , government sponsorships , etc of what you can afford and what not .

2.  What is your profile ? what courses you are interested and there key .

3. What does the university actually cost to attend ? mostly USA colleges are expensive but people do not realize how expensive it can be to attend high school in USA can be .

For this I want to tell you some reality of cost of higher education by some random schools and break down the cost for international students. We will look at three different school with different cost of attending. I am going to examine tuition , room .and broad at first , with academic scholarships opportunities.

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How Much Does it University Cost to Study in the US?

Here are three universities that repress a large public state university , large community college and a small private regional university . they cost different and with student support to .

Cost of Universities in USA

1. Most recognized

The Ohio state university

  • Large ,public research university ranked #53 in national universities 2021-2022 freshman undergraduate costs: tuition and fees - $33502 usd , room and board $13026 usd ,total $46528 usd , academic scholarship opportunities for international students - none

2.     Kind on known

Foothill college

  • Medium , public school considered a junior college or community college meaning offering mostly two year programs , freshman 2021-2022 freshman undergraduate costs : tuition and fees - $8500, room and boards -$1300 and total $21500 with academic scholarship for international students -none

3.     Little known

Stetson university

  • Small, private liberal arts university, ranked #4 in regionally south , 2021-2022 freshman undergraduate costs : tuition and fees -$50800 , room and board -$14910 and total $65710 with academic scholarship opportunities for international students up to $31000

Every university will have tuition and fees plus room and board costs .things internationals students must keep in mind is health insurance , books , personal expenses ,medical care , and flights . these can vary quite a bit depending on how you researches for best options available and best deals taken.

When we look at school above many international students wants to go for most recognized universities .but I am giving you a true budget idea I the USA after research  on few but there are 4000 penalty of college you can choose and find fits for your financial needs bests .

I often consult families who are choked about their kids receiving scholarships of $10000 and total cost is still over $50000 . yes there are many top universities and private schools offer merit based scholarships to new international students but there price range still remains so high even the scholarship can lower down the annually fees requirements from $ 65000-$70000 per year costs.

The Real Cost of University in the USA:-Large public universities do not offer any academic merits or awards for international students . so be prepared to pay full price for these universities . I often tell families that even if you're is $25000-$40000 usd per year , you will likely need a scholarship or financial aid to find a university in this budget .the exception are community colleges like the one listed above that have lower cost to start with but if you go for other two u need to raise a lot funds for meeting attending cost  .

The real cost university is tricky because of different type of school look differently on international students admission . remember to ask many questions and lots of research about real cost of university if often very high without scholarship or any academic aid in programs so research about it before getting admitted in USA.

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