How much does it cost to study in the USA? Expenses, Tuition Fee & Living Costs to Study in US!

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Study aboard in USA is dream for students and every year thousands of students from India are enrolling for education in US. You must read How studying abroad can shape your career

Cost of Living in USA for Indian Students 2022-2023 

Students want to know the Living Cost in USA when they are planning to apply for US studies. Student Living Costs in the USA is varied state wise, some of the states have facilities of studies and equipped as per student's point of view, but some of them are very costly.  Student Living Costs in the USA is higher in comparative to other countries but due to reputations of universities and career prospective students choose USA as study destination. USA International Student Expenses are elaborated in this article and it explains what are the Living costs in USA while doing studies? We also categorized the expenses Study Abroad in the United States: Housing & Living Costs and universities fees. 

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Due to the high currency rate in USA measured in USD (dollars), the cost of living in the nation is predicatively high to about 1000 to 1500 dollar per month on an average basis. These average monthly expenses include every possible pie to be used. The cost of changing funds from your local currency to dollars is a significant burden for students in the United States. Even if your bank claims to offer fee-free money exchange, you can bet that its cut is factored into the inflated exchange rate it employs. Even though it differs from state to state, the cost of living in the USA is rather expensive each month.

Cost of Living in USA for Indian Students:- as per conversion of currency it becomes a lot for Indian students and they have to manage a lot to manage studies in USA.

According to estimates, an American household spends $61,334 on costs annually, with housing coming in at a staggering $1,800 each month. Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Boston are among the most costly cities. The cost of living is still affordable in some well-known locations; Oklahoma City and Cincinnati, for instance, have significantly lower average costs than those of other major cities. Mississippi has the lowest cost of living among all the states in the union.

Lets paint monthly living cost in USA for international students? 

Travel expenses: Driving is usually cheap inside and outside the cities. It can vary or become tricky in minimal cities only. Students have a well cheaper option that is choosing to have public transport passes. These will only charge between $40-$50 monthly on an average basis.

Educational costs: As we all know, education is quite expensive in both private and public universities. But still some universities offer such packages, systems or process through which a student belonging to low income family can also study well.

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Preschool expenses : $1875

Annual private school fees: $25,286

Public university fee: For state residents ($9400)

Out of state residents ($24,930)

Private university fee: Annual is $36,700

Cost of Living Index: This index helps in comparing living costs between different areas. If cost of living index is less than 100 it implies that the area is cheaper than national average expense levels and vice versa. It is also used to calculate salaries in different areas. The cost of living index measures everything except to some but it will include your general considerations such as housing, food and other utilities.

Effect of inflation on expenses: A widespread increase in the costs of goods and services indicates inflation. When prices rise as a result of rising production expenses such as raw materials and labor or rising consumer demand for goods and services, which implies they are prepared to pay more for them, inflation may result. Inflation is now around 7% at this moment. A pencil that cost $1 in 2020 would thus cost $1.07 in the present. That is inflation in action.

Accommodation cost: When it comes to this factor, students usually find their relatives, friends or family in order to avoid any housing charges. But it's not possible in everyone's case. For this, a low budget option is to take housing facilities of your institution or nearby it. Its annual average charges will be about ($6000 to $12000).

Food cost: It totally varies on your interpersonal habits and lifestyle. A student has two choices in it. The first is opting for a hostel mess with charges of $250 which will include three meals per day. And the other one is living in dormitories or anywhere outside campus. There the food expenses will depend on your intake. But as a recommendation Wal-Mart, Target, Costco and Trader Joe's are some of the important food retailers.

Billing charges: These include your telephone expenses, electricity bills etc. In order to get rid of them the nation is offering part-time jobs to students in restaurants and other places.

Other expenses: These include food, clothing, stationary and some other costs. The cost of these products will vary from place to place and even with the product itself. Same can be opted as stated above to get rid of these expenses which is doing part-time work.

Healthcare and dental costs: Having adequate health insurance is crucial no matter where in America you choose to reside. The US healthcare system is top-notch for individuals who have insurance or the money to pay privately. However, it may be difficult to receive sufficient care if you are unable to pay your payments (or face large costs afterwards if you need emergency treatment). For example, Family doctor checkup costs to dollar 155, cold medicine for 6 days costs to dollar 9 and any antibiotic prescription costs about dollar 23.

The above defined are the expenditures for an international student living or desiring to live life in USA. Always remember one thing. Never run out of problems. If you feel the expenditures are quite higher as per your hands, do not rush out. Stay calm, take a deep breath and think positively. At the first instance, learn deep about the expenses prior to application. After this you need to work out carefully that which of these expenses can be reduced.

Just for an example, imagine your monthly average expenditure: Housing: opt for hostel

Food: Take a mess (visit outdoors only on Sundays). This will reduce your expenses

Travelling: $0 as you are staying in hostel. While moving outdoors on weekends opt for public buses instead of cabs.

Medical expenses: No budget can be made. We are not bound to it. Be careful

Other expenses: Work on your hours after completion of studies when you are completely free in restaurants and so other places recruiting you. This will help you cover some undue desires which you wish when you are out from your home.

As these costs will also vary according to places, do a great survey on the earliest and trying to choose the possible and cheapest university/college. (Remember: do not compromise in your academics as this will only lead to brighten your path so that no worries will be expressed in future too).

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