Can F-1 students apply for a green card in US? Know to Procedure to Get Green Card in US?

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How can I get a green card through the F1 Visa?

Students who willing to stay in US for studies they need to apply for student visa. The student visa allows them to stay for the period their course continues and later they have to return back to their home country. Students at the time they apply for the visa must give complete information about their stay and also declared that they will no stay longer after study.

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Most of the student after course completion returns back to their home country but few of them showing interest to stay in US for further study or for work. In that case students are confused about their visa and stay. With F-1 visa can they stay more and how to covert student visa into green card?

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In this blog we will help students by explaining their doubts on converting their F-1 visa into green card. First understand can f-1 students are eligible for getting green card or not?

Can F-1 students apply for a green card?

Yes students having F- 1 visa may apply for green card after their studies in US complete. There is process for applying in visa office. But this is also true that the time they have applied for US visa, students questioning about their return to home country. The students will have to give answer wisely. If they have said that they want to return back to their home country and they have committed on it and submitted all the related proof to the embassy that at any how they will return back, there is no scope of their to stay more in US.

The reason behind this is to confirm by the US embassy that there is no one stays in US illegally. However intelligent resources are in need of everywhere so in US they have also give rebate to higher studies students to stay in US and work.

So even you have confirmed that you will return back to their country, still after completion of your study, you can apply for green card.

How to get a green card by international students in USA?

The US embassy is very strict in giving US green card to international students. Their immigration department will enquire everything about applicant before giving them green card or permanent residency in USA.

There are 4 ways international students can apply for getting green card even they have student visa.

1. Self - petition as a person with extraordinary Abilities:

Some Students who have US students visa study in various higher education courses. These students are doing great in their courses. For these students US offers special visa. This type of visa may not offer to a average international student because very few of them can achieve this kind of success in studies in foreign country. After getting EB- 1 visa student can permantely live in US and continue their study or work.

The people come under this special visa are:

People have done PHD with great work for society

People with extra ordinary capability in Arts, science, business or education etc.

Those employees who work in US office for 3 years and worked efficiently there.

Essential requirement for getting EB- 1 visa: 

1. People who have received awards like Oscar, Pulitzer and receive Olympic Medal prize.

2. People who received awards for their work internationally.

3. People who have done marvelous work in their field and also promote other people.

4. PHD holder people issued their books in journal and their book become very popular.

In case a person apply as self petition then they must follow this procedure.

First they have to apply and then pay high fee for the same and still there is no guarantee that they will receive the EB-1 visa.

2. Adjust status to a dual intent visa:

As the process of giving EB - 1 visa is very limited only few of them will receive the green card later. There is also an indirect way to apply for EB- 1 visa.

A dual intent visa is a type of visa helps people for getting green card. The visa is given after certain time period. Students can apply after completing their course and working in US for 12 months.

3.  Investment in US:

If you want US green card then you need a lot of money to get invest in US economy. This option is applicable only for rich people. First you need to invest in US company and then at least give 10% jobs to people.

The EB-1 visa is only for wealthy people to receive green card easily.

4. Marry a US citizen:

At last there is a option left to people to get married to a US citizen. This will automatically give you US green card.

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