Is your English making your trouble for study in U.S? How to Improve your English Speaking and Writing in Super Speed?

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Planning to Study in U.S? Is your English speaking or Writing making you in trouble?

The international students in USA come all around world. They have received good test scores in entrance exam but many U.S. universities also take English efficiency test as well for taking admission. Some of students are missing here opportunity and not able to perform or getting good marks due to poor English speaking English although they are good in academics and received good grades in academics or scored high in entrance tests still they didn't get admission in their dream University. All International students who willing to study in USA they will need good communication skills.

Why English speaking / writing is important for those who are planning to take admission in U.S.?

If we could think about how important a language is studying in USA then answer will be very much important. International students have to go through with lots of assignments, projects and seminars and for doing all they need good English speaking and writing. Speaking English not only need in university but also to survive in markets, hostels, during travelling and hence they need good English speaking skills while taking admission in USA.

10 ways to improve your English at super speed:

We feel bad for those students who didn't get admission due to English efficiency, so what we are providing some super tricks in this article and 10 ways to improve English at super speed.

How to make strong your English speaking and Writing

1.  Start practice speaking English at early stage:

Many students during their school time dream to further study in USA. They are only thinking that to survive in the USA they just need speaking English but they are wrong in USA if you second speaker in English is not enough you have to make lot of difficulties. So what we are offering that students need to focus on their English during their studying in their home country.  At the time they apply for international university they will be having good command on English.

2. Listen to music: (Listen English for proper understanding)

Listening to music is most interesting way for learning English speaking at very less time. Students can learn English via listening English songs and watching English shows, movies and also they can speak while they listen songs and do practice.

3. Conversation in English: (To Make strong English speaking)

Learning English is not a book that student will buy and read and learn.

Speaking English need practice as much as student can do. It is advised to students that they start talking in English as much as they can in a day. For example talking to shop keeper and talking to family members will help in continuation of their English learning.

4. Watch popular TV shows: (Best practices for English learning and speaking)

This is the way of learning for television lovers, those students who love to watch television they can watch the English famous TV shows to improve their English speaking. There are number of English shows available, students can pick as per their interest, like action, drama, comedy and many more. The most popular television show is friends, you can watch this comedy show and also speak with them.

5. Make your to do list: (To make a plan)

Every students learning process is different, we can only show them the ways of learning, it depends on them how they will grab the idea in to their life. The students are advised to make their to do list and stick it into their home or in room. They write how much they have completed and how much is being left.

6. Make your own diary: (Enhance your English writing skills)

The best way to learn a thing for ever is to write them. Since childhood it is advised by our teachers and parents to learn and then write then it will fix into our mind. Same things applicable here. Whatever you have learned may be a paragraph or page, make a dairy of it and write whatever you have learn. Regularly checks your previous words to improve your English skills.

7. Vocabulary: (Enhance your English Vocabulary)

Speaking English and speaking correct English is more important. Somehow everyone manages to speak English but there are few who speak correct English in term of grammar. The students only read grammar during their school and college, it's time to remember all the rules of English and grammar and apply. Students can take help of dictionary for getting meaning of words and can also refer vocabulary online and offline.

8. Join the social group: (Quickly improve your English writing )

Environment is also play important role in learning English quickly, if we are surrounded by the people who are speaking as we speak home language. Then you will not be able to concentrate on learning new language. If you are in USA then join group of local students and try to communicate with more. Keep in touch with your old friends as well.

9. Reading: (Ways to Improve your English)

For learning, reading is same important, if you are not able to read properly how can you speak on that. So try to read English newspaper, magazines and novels, these books will help to learn new words.

10. Install English speaking application (Learn English Effectively)

There a pool of English learning application available online, some of them are actually very good. Install these applications and follow them seriously.

These are basic tricks and Ways You Can Learn English Faster that a student need to follow during primary studies if they are planning for study abroad especially in USA. With all these daily routine, they can make them strong in speaking and writing English.  We have explained some powerful ways to improve your English speaking skills and important things you can do to improve your English writing. How to learn English quickly and effectively? This article gives you best solutions for this question. How to speak English faster and how to improve your English writing to perform better in USA studies?  These all are the queries of students and we solved these into this article. 

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