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The Study Choices for International Students In US 

When the topic comes to study abroad, US is the very first name in each mouth because we are also well aware with the fact that USA owns world's largest number of students that is 1,000,000 to excel in their education and gain life-experiences. Total 5% of the all are international students who have enrolled up for their studies and their number is increasing day by day. 

In this article we will explain some Popular Courses, Degree Programs, Internships & Short-Term Programs for International Students To Study in USA or indian students who are planning to study in US.

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Top Courses for International Students to Study in the USA

Here are some top courses to be chosen by international students for studying in US: 

Computer Science: Computer Science is one of the popular stream or courses among international students or Indian students in the USA. There has been an increased demand for courses in USA like software analysts and software engineers etc. It provides opportunity to grow careers in several companies; it is making the best choice for Indian or international students who are planning to study in USA. Silicon Valley is known one of the best places as it is the hub of companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft,  and Facebook etc. 

Business Management: This is the highest opted course among all other courses in USA. The reason behind this is ample opportunities in future career with highest paying jobs. As per the rankings by the Financial Times and the Economist, the nation holds major of its top universities providing business management programs. Five US business schools feature among the top 10 business schools for MBA by FT. They are Stanford Graduate School of Business, Penn Wharton, MIT Sloan, Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School. 20% of international students are pursuing business related courses in the country. One exciting thing is it not only employs you in the US but you will get highest paying jobs globally around the world after doing business courses from USA. 

Engineering: Engineering as an area of study has grown in popularity across the world, although the United States remains the industry leader. A recent research found that 62 percent of overseas graduates are enrolled in engineering programmes. The highly specialized sub-divisions in a list of universities in the United States ensure that students have career options in their field of study. Engineers may choose to pursue their careers for humanitarian or economical motives. If financial considerations have inspired you to study engineering, institutions in the United States will be the ideal study location because engineers in the United States make more than those in other nations. 

Mathematics and Computer Sciences and Information technology: Universities in USA are well-esteemed. It is a global hub for computer science and information technology. The universities offer courses which push the student to learn practical skills rather than focusing on theoretical part. Person is set to become pragmatic. The US courses are inculcated with virtual designs, artificial intelligence and so on. 30% of the international students are pursuing maths and computer science courses in US. It also provides you with best earning salary. Same the universities like MIT, Stanford and Harvard are prominent for these courses too. Also you will have a bright career aspect as the said industry is going tremendously in research and development region. One of the highest paying jobs in USA, the mid-career salaries for computer science majors from a school such as Stanford is $183,100 and UCB is $181,100.

Top five Mathematics colleges are:

  • MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
  • Princeton University

Top five computer science colleges are:

  • MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Stanford University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
  • Harvard University 

Pharmacy courses: Besides from the well known bachelor, masters and diploma degree in Pharmacy the US universities offer a well-reputed new course in this branch. It is none other than Doctor of Pharmacy: a six year course which can be pursued directly after your 12th grade or after diploma or Bachelors degree too (on a post-baccalaureate level.) After this the person is eligible to work in health care centres, pharmacovigilance department, and clinical research organizations at a higher level with undue respect and payout. 

Social Sciences: For Indian students, the social sciences are among the finest fields to study in the US, with branches like economics giving some of the highest paid professions there. Numerous topics are covered by social sciences and humanities, including anthropology, journalism, international affairs, economics, and more. Students typically choose social sciences over engineering and MBA since there is a lot of room for research in this field in the United States. According to Kent D. Thomas, Assistant Vice President, International Programmes, Missouri State University, US, "Unlike in many other countries, career possibilities are also freely available here in these industries delivering some of the top paid positions in the USA." 

Physical and Life Sciences: Biology and medicine are two of the most popular physical and biological sciences to study in the USA, and international students love them both. In actuality, a growing number of students are enrolling in combination courses after leaving conventional fields. Bachelor and Master degree in applied sciences is also offered. It is a combination of practical and theoretical well known science facts which are more innovative and new. We can conclude it as fashioning us new things from the existing science practices. 

MBBS: It is also a popular choice of international students. Students need to work hard to take admissions in US based universities offering this course. The US based MBBS degrees are also approved by Medical Council of India unlike other nations so a person can move back to India and set his/her employment standards there too. It consists of theoretical and practical courses and students invest majority of their time in studies pursuing this degree. In order to apply in US universities for MBBS your age must be greater than 17, and you must be passed from any recognized board in 12th grade with 55% or above. Condition is you must be a science student with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as the core subjects. 

Liberal Arts: Various liberal arts courses are available for international students as per their choice and interest with consist of Bachelor and Masters Degree in Arts. They are also considered one of the best courses to be pursued after 12th grade. But for this start your documentation collection and application process 1 year prior to admission as it is time consuming. Prepare your documents accordingly as the university you want to pursue and most important the application you have filed must be strong enough to be chosen at the very first instance. 

Business Analytics & Data Science: Data Science, and Information Systems and Business Analytics are a few popular courses in the USA which are in demand. Recently among international students, the country saw a huge uprise in the number of aspirants coming to join these degrees in these disciplines.

Humanities & Social Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences course cover a wide range of subjects like Geography, Political Science, Economics and many more etc. If an aspirants wishes to pursue higher education in this kind of stream in the USA, Psychology, economics, sociology, and International Relations would be better choices.

Applied Science in USA:- it offers opportunity to know the existing knowledge of science, and new things developed in this era. State US is popular destination of this course study and students are pursuing in bachelors of applied science and masters in applied science degree programs. These course includes forensics, communication, computer science, criminology, information management, applied geomatics and applied physics and many more subjects.

Know some U.S. Short-Term Programs for International Students 

We here explain the Short-term study exchange programs last 12 months or less and include university exchange programs, and internships and professional non-degree programs. 

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs in the US University offer opportunities to learn, live, and enrich yourself in a diversity of cultural settings. Exchange programs may be applied on an academic exchange b/w two colleges or universities or a short-term professional program. You can reach out to your present institution's study abroad office where you can apply for pre-arranged exchange opportunities or you can visit the USA Department of State's Exchange Visitor Program site. 

University Exchanges

There is a partnership agreement among a USA and an international college or uni. which provide an opportunity  for student exchange opportunities. These coursework taken may count toward a degree program at your home institution/college or you might take just a few courses at a U.S. college for your personal or professional enrichment. 

Professional Exchange Programs

Short-term professional exchange programs are many and it's varied widely. Some of aspirants are allowed to accept a wide range of such programs while others aspirants may require to focus on experiences within a chosen career or a specific job. 

Certificate and Executive Education Programs

If aspirants are looking to develop skills in a certain specific field or area of interest, short-term certificate programs provide coursework within an area of specialization. Upon successful completion of such program requirements, the institution awards a certificate to recognize expertise or skills gained. Institutions may also offer graduate-level certificate coursework or programs developed for working professionals to gain advanced skills in their area of field of specialization.  

Variety of Internships

Visit the Exchange Visitor Program site to learn about short-term internships which are present for international students or Indian students. 

Visiting Fellows and Scholars

Many U.S universities offer short-term opportunities doctoral degree holders to pursue further research. They may also allow visiting fellows to audit graduate-level courses and to have access to academic facilities for personal research. To explore these opportunities, contact university faculty or academic departments directly. 

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