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Important Resources for Indian Students Community in USA

Are you Studying in USA? You may find some Useful Study Resources & Links helpful for Indian Students Communities in US!

More than 5000+ students every year apply for migration in USA for graduate and post graduate studies. They find the best option for their career and to get better opportunities for career, they choose US at first place. But to stay US is quite expensive and international students have to clear their finance before applying for US studies.

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What are the options for Indian students to complete their higher education in US?

We provide details information here what are main options for Indian students who are planning to study aboard in US. The information might be useful for students who are migrating now at US and looking for best options for studies.

Looking for Study in USA for Post Graduation?

Looking for getting a Master's degree in US can seem overwhelming. In order to overcome from this feeling, all one required to do is complete research what best fits one for their career goals, what is best for your field of study, and budget you have for completion of this goal. There are too many options for a Masters programme in US that you can opt for based on your current qualifications. The exposure you find after education you get while completing a master's degree in the USA will be held in high priority not only in the USA origin or your home country but all around the world. A brief overview of courses that Indian students can choose from is provided below.


USA's Business schools are reputed and recognised all around the world and workers discover alumni from these institutes/colleges a great value addition to their teams. Today, with adding many resources at their disposal & top programmes served by the US universities, it has become more accessible for international students especially for Indian students communities. Hence the MBA courses in USA for Indian students have become attractive and effective options to consider. Having international experience in their job/education work profiles and resumes results in good hike and a significant increase of 70% in the offered salaries. Another precious advantage of Indian students who are getting an MBA in US is that they are represented with more specialisations. As a consequence, it is more likely that they will get opportunities to build a career in the field of their choice. It is now allowed to Indian students to enrol into MBA in USA without passing GMAT. Earlier it was necessary to pass GMAT such schools are now offering GMAT waivers fully based on past academic performance and student valued profiles. To name a few universities like this are, MIT Sloan School of Management, Questrom School of Business, Boston University, Massachusetts, University of North Carolina and Kenan-Flagler Business, are some among others.


A selection of universities in the US offer programmes for international students who aspire to get an MBA and excel in management by utilising data, and technology and analysis. The curriculum includes topics like decision theory, marketing, business analytics, economics, law, statistics, etc.

Enrolling in a STEM MBA from US broadens the range of opportunities for job seekers since too many businesses are becoming data-oriented.

Some popular universities that offer STEM MBA in USA are -

  1. Harvard Business School
  2. Columbia Business School
  3. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
  4. Anderson School of Management, UCLA
  5. Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

MS in Business Analytics from US Universities 

Hundreds of universities and institutions in the US are offering MS programmes to accomplish the ever-increasing requirement of professionals in the data-driven industries. MS in Business Analytics in USA course is included with duration of short 12-months. The criteria of admission vary slightly from university to university while minimum scores needed for standardized tests like which are GRE, GMAT, etc. are quite equal throughout. The annual institution fees for these programmes can be between $20,000 - $75,000 based on the university in question. However, many scholarship options are available for international students.


You can find many colleges and institutions of the best management in the US. Specialisations are likely in Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics, Accounting and Financial Economics are offered by various institutions of US. Stanford University, Kellogg School of Management, MIT Sloan, etc. offer these kind of courses. Similar to MS, these courses are also occupied a short 10 to 18 months duration. Scholars or learners who enrol to get into MIM in US are needed to have a minimum of 3.0 GPA along with passing in IELTS /  TOEFL test scores.

Are you planning to Enrol in Masters in Computer Science in US? 

Scholars who intend to work in fields pertaining to technology can opt to study in USA since many renowned colleges and institutes provide many courses or computer science programmes. Hence the options for, getting a Master in Computer Science degree from US can open many prestigious opportunities. Most colleges look for a minimum of 3.5 GPA for admission. Also, learners with work experience of at least 2-4 years are mostly preferred. Masters in Computer Science in US is a course that can boost up your career significantly.

Getting a Bachelor Degree from USA 

If you want to enrol for study in USA after the completion of high school, you need to find it well in advance. Similar to other level of study you will also have to see everything of the documentation like visa, admission process. The advantage of enrolling for study in USA after class 12th is that you became familiar with the country region and culture if you also plan to get a PG there, its more likely better option for you. You get familiar to living United states of America and get a head start by leaving the cultural shock. Scholars can either opt for an arts degree / a science degree programme. Some of the popular degrees that you can pick from are Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Science in Nursing, , etc.

Enrol for PhD in USA 

Enrolling for a doctorate is no mean achievement on its own. Getting Phd degree from the USA only adds to the advancement of career, especially for international students or Indian students. Students looking a PhD are supposed to give for GRE exam- Graduate Record Examinations. It offers to any field / subject that you can think of. Candidates can take the exams as many times as they please and send the best scores across. In addition to that, the scores remain valid for 5 years where students can take advantages till 5 years of these score. Hence, the scores are a deciding factor for admission in US College, they do not ensure admissions.

PhD in United state without GRE exam is also a possibility. Just like GMAT waivers, colleges or institutions in US also offer GRE waivers. If you have an exceptional GPA so called a professional job work experience, you can find opportunities to have these waivers. Another case in which this exemption can be made is when you get another degree from the country. This may cause of increasing the chances of admissions drastically.

Some colleges and universities that offer these waivers are listed below.

  1. Walden University
  2. Colorado Technical University
  3. Simmons College
  4. Smith College
  5. Chicago School of Professional Psychology

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Scholarships to Study in USA for Indian students/international students

International students or Indian students are offered scholarships by both, the US Government or private colleges. In order to win these scholarships, scholars are supposed to fulfil some criteria of eligibility. The eligibility criteria vary based on the body providing the scholarships and also its basis on individual merit. Some college programmes & universities that offer international Indian students scholarships to study in US are mentioned below.

  1. The Next Gen Scholarship
  2. Purdue University
  3. The Civil Leadership Awards
  4. American University
  5. The Fulbright Commission
  6. The Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Program
  7. Dartmouth University
  8. New York University
  9. Wesleyan University
  10. Harvard University and more.

What are the Document Lists required to US College Admission

For applying for colleges in the USA, It is a very lengthy process because it nominally required a number of documents need to verify that you will have to show in the US universities. The list of all documents that are to be kept ready while applying for US studies is given below

  1. A filled application form 
  2. GMAT scorecard
  3. TOEFL/ IELTS scorecard
  4. Academic certificates (high school mark sheets, passing certificates, transcripts, degrees)
  5. Work experience certificates
  6. (joining letters, experience letters, LORs from work superiors)
  7. LORs from 3 lecturers 
  8. Copies of the first and last pages of your foreign passport
  9. Statement of purpose 
  10. Resume
  11. photographs  (Passport-sized )
  12. Current Bank Statement (No older than 3 months)
  13. Affidavit of support 

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Avail US Institutes / University Homework Assistance for International Students  

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