How to Upgrade your US student visa to Green Card? How can I get a green card through the F1 Visa?

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How to Upgrade your US student visa to Green card, How Can I Get a Green Card Through the F1 Visa?

Students who are studying in US for long time expected to stay in US permantely for living in US permantely they need to convert their student visa to Green card. It is not as simple you wish to have green card and you get it so easily. The international students first need to apply for green card in US embassy. There are many facts about students deeply considered and then the green card issued.

In this article we will explain what you need to do to convert your student visa into green card. The pros and cons you should follow to get the green card.

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How to Change Status from F-1 Visa to Green Card

Student visa to green card:

When you apply for green card from your students' visa status then your living status will e checked and few other details about you will check. The students host country will send the approval to US citizenship and immigration services.

There is no direct way to get the US visa easily, students in colleges taking training experience and students from H-1B do the work experience to get the US visa. Once they have completed their training they will give the test for visa and pass the exam.

Before students apply for the US visa, first they need to check by themselves whether they are eligible or not for getting US visa. It will save time and money if we check before our eligibility criteria. You cannot apply for US visa after your course completion and your student visa got expired. I that case you are living in US illegal. If any student does his mistake then they sent back to your home country and they need to apply for student visa and after that they can apply for permanent visa.

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F1 to Green Card: EVERYTHING You Need to Know for this change!

Conditions applied for permanent residency in US.

1.     US citizen sponsorship or permanent resident relative.

2.     Offer giving by US for permanent employment

3.     An application for asylum

4.     Confirmed as refugee

5.     For investment and employment given

6.     Win green card in lottery.

Getting permanent residency with student visa:

Those students who are already living in US on student's visa, they are eligible for green card depends on some condition. There are few categories on which they are eligible for getting green card.

Family based

Work based

Asylum based

1. Family based:

Some students easily get the green card with the help of their family members. Family members need to file a form I-130. You can increase chances of getting green with help of their family members. Such as

First preference to be given to unmarried children age of 21 years.

Second preference to be given to spouses and unmarried children age of 21 years.

Second preference will be given to Unmarried sons and daughters at the age of 21 years.

Third preference will be given to married children with their kids and spouses.

Fourth preference will e given to brothers and sisters of adult citizen their spouses and kids.

2. Job/employment basis:

In this category many organization offers international students to get a job after completing graduation and few years later offers them permanent citizenship.

3. Asylum basis:

When a student refers no connection with home country, then he or she will consider as refugee. After that a year you can apply for permanent citizenship in US.

4.  Visa on lottery basis:

US announced almost 50000 green cards every year as in form of green card lottery. There is no charge for applying for lottery visa that is why millions of international students test their luck.

Know some Available options after completing graduation in US

Process for apply for visa:

1.     Wait for accepting you application

2.     Fill form I-485.

3.     Wait for receiving any update from department

4.     Go for your application support center

5.     Go to interview

6.     Pay the charges to national visa center

Common questions asked by students about US visa:

How to get citizenship in US?

You need to complete 3 year after getting green card.

You are living with your spouse's since 3 years.

Other requirement fulfilled related to section 319.

Conditions on which citizenship of US given by parents:

Both real and adopted kids can get US citizenship.

Born with surrogacy and mother is US citizen.

A person born under US border and both parents are US citizen

After filling form 130, you need to wait and check your result online. It will take week or months to get it approve by officers and if everything went well then you will get call for interview and then green card issued.

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