Studying in USA? Want to Know What are The Available options after completing graduation in US?

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What are the next available options after completing graduation in US?

Congratulations on your graduation completion, now you are a free bird to explore the world. From now the journey of your dream job, your confidence, self respect will start. Many students from different countries from all over world came to US for graduation, some of them stay here and looking for job and some are looking for high reduction here like post graduation.

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What after Studying in US?

This article explains you Visa Options in the US After Graduation, and what to do if you Want to work in the U.S. after graduation? Can international students stay in the USA after graduation?

 In this article we will explain you what are the available option you have after completing graduation in US, as per your convenient and choice you can choose from them. Whatever option you will choose will decide your future and career.

Here are the available options for you:

1. Find a job and upgrade your visa

2. Apply for further study

3. Want to go back at your home country

1. Want to take a job after graduation?

If you have decided to stay in US and continue living here by doing a suitable job for you. The first thing which will bother is your visa. You came to USA on student visa and still you are living with your student visa. Do you know how much time you can live on student visa. As per reports 50% students who graduated from US, finding job in here and want to stay in US.

Getting students visa and their immigration process bit tough for the students and now they want to stay and searching for job then they need to renew their visa again and the US visa and their law keep changing time to time.

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1. F-1 Work visa:

Those students who have started doing part time job after graduation can stay in US with students' visa. Student visa allowed them the total USD 50000-60000 per year including fee and living. F-1 visa allowed working 20 hours a week in college and 40 hours out of college. Below are the programs under f-1 visa program.

A. CPT Program: Students on F-1 visa avail the curriculum practical training program and increase their learning ability.

B. OPT program: Students who came on F-1 visa and have completed 1 year in college in US, automatically eligible for Optical practical training program. This program helps extension on 1 year in their F-1 student visa.

C. STEM opt extension: Once you have completed you opt program, you are eligible for STEM extension program. Under this program those students who want to study in science and math, their F-1 visa extent up to 24 months.

2. H1B Work visa:

This is commonly issued work visa in USA. This visa is given to students who studied in science and medicine and data accounting. The time period of this visa is 3 to 6 years and issued under approval from US department of labor.

3. E1 or E2 Visa:

Those students who didn't get the H1B visa as that visa requires speclized occupation. To get this E1 or E2 visa, your country and you need file 126 form and proof that you will invest in US firm later.

Apply for post graduation or PHD Program:

The most frequently picked option for staying in US for more is to get admission in college for further study like your masters after graduation and enroll in a PHD program.

Studying further after graduations will definitely helps students in enhancing their qualification and increasing knowledge.

For example for a commerce student the most avaible career option is doing MBA. After completing MBA the doors of top companies will open for you.

For opting PHD program in USA is a very good option for students who have done their masters. In USA it took 5 to 6 years with cost of $ 27000-$42000 dollars.

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Last but not least way to back home:

The last available option for students completed their graduation in USA is to return back to home land. Although it is the easiest option but is it gives you benefit after returning, surely you have invested a lot of money while studying in USA and now it is the time to return back. It is also true that after returning from USA and with a graduation degree still can't help you in getting a good job in your home country.

Apart from that you might have face problems to adjust with different time zone and trying to adjust from bachelors' life to live with family and of course the taunts from relatives and neighbor might be disturbing you. Better to ignore all these and try to find a suitable option in your home land.

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