What are The main Skills required that may help you to migrants win good-paying jobs in the U.S.?

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Which occupations in US are more in demand for migrants?

Every year large number of people all over world came to U.S. they came with a dream to get a good job here and want to see settled themselves with their dream job and of course with good salary. Last 2 years was not good for migrants due to pandemic covid-19 and they didn't receive what they have deserved. As of now the things are pretty much good and good news is that the United States has open many new opportunities for the migrants.

It is also true that the migrants are in the roots of the industries in the United States. They play very important role in running the economy of states very well. It is also well known that all migrants who came to united states will needed legal migrants and workers will get proper safety in the country, they will get the promised wages and if overtime and then pay according and there is no fear of deportation.

Although now the Americans has this fear that their jobs are not secure in their own country and employees from outside came and take their jobs. So in result states has strict their immigration process and also tight border control.

Below we will discuss on the jobs which a newcomer in states can get easily, also we will share the avail vale job options for migrants. What are the high demand job options in U.S?

We also check American original that still in their high school and already employed in the United States. We will compare that data with our country. Our data collected in 2021, there might be changes in data after that.

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US foreign born employees vs native employees by occupation:

The below occupation options employ more foreign born employees migrants over native employees.

1. Service occupations.

20.6 percents versus 14.4 percent. This occupation includes giving services at low process by the migrants. This is the initial job taken by the migrants, as they came in the city and want to start from somewhere so they take jobs at restaurant and food trucks and other bars. This job required a little qualification of the migrants and they also promised to receive the good pay compared to their homeland.

2. Construction, agriculture, manufacturing and production:

This occupation requires high physical efficiency with no such qualification, these jobs are maximum given to foreign bore migrants. In construction jobs migrants may have used their physical strength if they dint have any such high qualification. They work as in cement masonry, carpet installation and painting etc.

Immigrants in agriculture receive 73% job is United States. The farm labors work hard to run the food industry in the US. Migrants have no secure future in this profile.

In the united states 21 million migrants working in the manufacturing and producing occupation. They work in factories.

3. Transportation and material moving occupations:

Compared to other occupations in this occupation migrants took earliest jobs. They work as truck drivers, running cabs and moving luggage from one place to another. The trucking business in the United States is the backbone of the economy. This job profile needs good driving experience also a valid license to go. However due to high turnover rate and aging population the occupation faces personnel shortage as well.

4. Other services:

The other services include occupation with no such destination like barbers, dry cleaners, housemaids, baby sitters and tour guides. This occupation attracts high rate of migrants because of good pay at work and a job with respect as well. The drawback in this profile is to learn the English well to communicate with the clients.

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These are occupation where native employees are preferred over migrants employees.

1. Management, professional and engineering:

This is a big loss for the migrants as states only prefer to give such jobs to only to their native employees, this occupation requires high efficiency and qualification to do, communication skills must be very good. Migrants needs to work very hard to get the jobs at companies if they doesn't fit into the profile then they have started moving to the service sectors.

2. Sales and architecture:

This occupation also required qualify employee who can communicate well with the clients and helps in profits, that is why the native employees are gives more preferences here over migrants. Sales / office occupations (14.3 percent vs  21.3 percent):  these are required by sales people to be able to transfer and communicate their ideas clearly or called persuasively, Thus many employers prefer native-born job seekers.  In this Sales typically paid of high, but the majority of them are based on commission-based.

3. Healthcare: Almost 2.6 million workers in United States worked in hospitals as nurses and physician and pharmacists.

The main Skills required that may help you to migrants win good-paying jobs in the U.S. include:

Speaking English:  Employers are more preferred to appoint or hire you if you speak American English, particularly if they deal with the local public of America. You can shine up on your American English through online studies and courses such these are offered by many American universities like the University of California Berkeley Extension, American Councils for International Education and many more.

Having an associate or holding a bachelor's, or graduate degree:  USA employers are more likely to appoint college graduates, particularly if the job in question requires complex thinking and technical skills. They are particularly keen to appoint when they hold foreign-born employees with American degrees because foreign credentials are not accepted by American employers the way they are backing home.

Specialized training (as a nurse, automotive mechanic, electrician, or welder, these are examples): This kind of training is a taken part to consider and to perform certain jobs effectively. The fact that you have it will make your resume stand out, regardless of where you received the training.

Migrants can increase their skills to get a good job in U.S.

In us employers give jobs to college graduates migrants so it is important to have a college degree and good English communication skills. The English can be learn from many online and offline classes.

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