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How to write a personal Essay: Do's, Don'ts and tips to ace the essay-

What is personal essay it is essay which students are putting their personality in limited words in the piece of paper. For many students it is hard to write and some are thinking it is easy to write about you. Many professional schools ask students to submit a personal essay or personal assignment.

Many people known that it is a college application form or an interview entrance exam as well. There are many ways to write a personal essay as such as first understand your characteristics like your communication skill, leadership skills,maturity, critical thinking skill and self assessment. These characterizes are vary from person to person so depends on the qualities you have and the field in which you are best, the personal essay is the platform where you can mention all.

What is personal essay?

In easy way it is a college application form where you need to fill all your details in a perfect manner. The personal essay creates a connection between the reader and you so it is very important that the essay should be written in proper way. The language of the essay is also motivating, attractive and inspiring to get the college admission. The first time in 2000s, a different type of essay becomes very popular. These are personal cum professional essays, they attracts everyone and also securable as well.

Here are some tips to write a good personal essay:

The topic

Is there any fixed topic available to write personal essay on them? The answer is no. the name says that the personal essays are complete on the choice of the writer what they want to write and what they don't. Every individual has different life experience and academic experience so the essay depends completely on the individual who is writing.

For example a student will talk about his school time experience in his personal essay.

2. The headline:

 Every essay has a headline that is attracts the reader towards it. It is very important to chose the headline which is globally accepted like fear, struggle in school, health issues and love relationship, friends etc.

3. The Structure:

However with any other essays, personal essay should be written in a structural manner. First introduction then body and at last the conclusion. The proper format of writing a essay is write in five paragraph, if we follow the same we will defiantly end up with writing a good personal essay that will attract the attention of reader at first.

Format and structure of Personal Essay

Below we are describing the three section of writing a good personal essay:

1. Introduction-

In the introduction part, student may write few lines and around 2 paragraph talking about their personal essay. The introduction should be include straight talk about students don't waste words writing lengthy introduction. Keep it short but relevant.

2. Main Body-

This is main part of the essay where student need to hold the reader here for long time. Many time student writes introduction well and they started talking about out of the context talk in the body part or we can say they stay away from the topic. It is very important to stay in form and write valuable and required information only.

3. Conclusion- This should be considered as the moral of the story. In the part the students must read about their learning over their experience also they write how their experience implemented in achieving goals.

Students can also share the how much personal experience affects a person professional life.

These are the basis format for writing the personal essay, we will also explain the tips to students which help them in writing the personal essay.

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How to write high scoring personal essay?

1. Stay specific- Avoid writing unnecessary talk, try to write straight about your life experience.

2. Keep the essay as personal- Try to write a brief of your life incident that affects your life, don't write in detail about your incident.

3. Let make your essay attractive-  at a point interesting then sad and then again happy ending is a formula of good personal essay. Follow your nature to write a essay, if you are a sensitive person try to show your personality in writing.

Frequently known personal essay topic:

Your most blessed day

Your first time driving experience

Write about your best friend

Time when you were sure right but later prove wrong

Write about your favorite food

Did you suffer from any natural disaster

What is your time pass tool

Life's biggest loss

A stranger who changes your life.

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