Tips for writing good heading for the essay! MLA essay header: how to insert it in the essay?

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A comprehensive guide to MLA essay header and heading-

As per the modern association, it is mandatory that in the each page of essay the writer last name and page number should be mentioned and this detail should be written in the upper right corner of page.

At below we are explaining what essay headers are and what is an essay heading, this information will help the students in better understanding of essay heading.

What is an essay header in an essay?

In every essay at the first page the writer name, page number and title is mentioned this is called header of an essay. This header is important because first by writing the detail about writer name gives essay a proper look. Second by mentioning page number help examiner to keep count of pages in the essay.

However why header is inserted in the essay, well the answer is very simple by putting heeder in the essay, makes the essay sysmatically and organized.

Difference between essay heading and essay header:

As we know that the essay header is a format which mentioning the basic details in the essay while essay heading is completely different from header. Essay heading is the title of the essay what is the name of your essay is the heading. The essay header will help the examiner in getting the writer name and page number and essay heading will brief the examiner about on what topic we are writing today.

The essay header and essay heading both are written on the first page of the essay, they are such as:

Your name

Your examiner

Course name\number


Although in this format we students want to add the heading/title, there is no such extra formatting is required, the title must be write in the top left corner with same font and styling like rest of the essay.

Tips for writing good heading for the essay:

Length of heading: the length of the heading is also very important it is neither lengthy nor short to understand. The heading should be in the middle of the essay so that it is easily readable by the examiner. There are two types of header first is higher level and second is a lower level heading.

1. Usually higher level heading writes in single word and they provide the normal version of the essay like giving overview.

2. While lower level headings take a line and they need proper research and facts for proofing the content of the essay.

In the descriptive essay the heading each content must be specified, like if we are writing on pencils then in headings we can write profile of pencil and selling of pencil etc.

These are the types of the essay headings, hope this will help students in better writing of headings and essay header.

MLA essay header: how to insert it in the essay?

While students are said to write an essay and formatting in MLA form then the essay first page mentioning the student last name and page number at lower in the first page.

Many updated software in word will allow user to automatically add the page numbers in the header, we will explain you how to put MLA essay header using Microsoft word, as this is widely used by large number of students. Below are steps to insert the MLA header.

Step 1- From the main menu, select File click on page setup from the menu. Now click the margins tab and then set left, right, top, bottom margins each 1.0 inch and lat click on ok button to save the setting.

Step 2 - set the font. The MLA essay header requires essay written in Times New roman font at 12-point each. From main menu select Format, then font size, set the font in times new roman at 12 inch. Do not use bold and underline here. Click ok to save the settings.

Step 3- All MLA documents are double spaced and they contain only one blank line in each text. From main menu select Format and then paragraph. Click on indents and spacing tab. set line spacing to double and last click ok.

Step 4- Set your header as per essay writing, the header will now give you the last name as well page number. Click view on main menu and then click on header and footer. 

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