What is a persuasive speech? Know Some Tips for Effective Persuasive Speech & Its main Components?

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What is a persuasive speech and why are they important?

Persuasive speech is a type of speech in which the speaker has influence the audience with his/her speech and words. This speech is designed by the speaker to believe audience what he wants to make them believe. People use this type of speech for enhancing their capacity for earning the profits. The persuasive speech includes debates, sales promotion, product presentation and legal proceedings.

For a student it is very important to learn the basic of writing the persuasive speech. The attitude of students and their ideas are enough to influence people. With a proper plan and preparation and practice will defiantly help the students in changing the listener behavior as per them.

Know the main and effective Components of A Good Persuasive Speech?

Tips for effective persuasive speech and How its Executed

1. Experts of topic and ready for arguments:  when you are speaking about a topic it is important that you know everything about that topic and always ready for arguments if they don't agree with your words.

2. Set a goal:  the persuasive speech is prepared to achieve the goals that you have set before.

3. Check your audience: It is very important to learn about your target audience =, if you know about their demands and desires then move your speech towards the audience and you will achieve your set goals.

4. Choose an approach: First prepare yourself about your appealing approach towards the audience. 

5. A brief introduction: the introduction part will be decide how you will influence your audience in rest of your speech, if they agree with you at starting the chances of their acceptance is increases.

6. Passion: A passionate speaker will put his emotion into his speech and audience also started putting themselves in that situation is a sign of effective persuasive speech.

7. Credibility: whatever a speaker is speaking has to be true and he presented facts to prove his word, this will create a trust between speaker and audience.

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How to a start a persuasive speech?

Every speech main attraction is introduction; this part will decide the reaction of audience about your speech and future of your rest speech.

We are suggesting some tips on how to start a persuasive speech-

1. Always start with energetic words.

2. Then attract the audience towards you by creative speech

3. Now attack on their emotion part and start giving your real life experience on the topic.

4. Start asking question to audience and take their opinion.

5. Take a pause to watch their reaction on your speech till that time.

6. Put numbers on your speech, this will help in grab the audience excitement.

7. At last speak a powerful statement on your speech given. Ask them what they will do and what they need to do?

These steps will help students in preparing a good persuasive speech and here are the types of persuasive speech.

1.  Short persuasive speech-

Short persuasive speech last only 3 minutes, it is a challenging speech for both speaker and audience. Speaker has to influence audience in short time, speaker may start with solid facts and powerful words.

2. Motivational persuasive speech:

This type of speech will direct hit on audience emotions and has a goal to bind the audience to take action after listing the speech.

3. Advocacy Speech:

In this persuasive speech the audience influences on the basis of comparison with others and tell them about others experience on that topic.

4. Technology persuasive speech:

 Speeches given on technology quite easy to influence the audience, the speaker need to show them the effects of that technology and later they started agreed on the speaker.

5. Academic Persuasive Speech

The generic needs of persuasive academic speeches include motivated sequence, logic & rhetoric, visual aids, credible evidence, motive appeals, etc., to move the audience.

What are the basics of persuasive speech outline?

At below we will explained how a student make outline of points at the time if writing a persuasive speech:

1. Attention step- Try to write words which bring the attention of audience.

2. The need step- Here explains the audience their action will help in solving that need. Their action on the particular topic will solve many problems.

3. The satisfaction step: Teach the audience how to take action on the particular topic and show the how it will helpful.

4. The visualization step: Here alert them with avoidance of action can lead to problems.

5. The action step: The last and final appeal to the audiences and watch the complete action on the speech.

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