What is F-1 student visa? A Complete Interview Guide for Getting an F-1 Student Visa in the US

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Interview Guide for Getting an F-1 Student Visa in the US

Are you an international student and you are thinking of studying in the United States of America, if so, then this article will help you a lot? You all know that before going to study in America, you will need a student visa. You must first apply for student visa when your application is accepted so your interview is fixed with the United States Consulate and the Embassy of your country. When you are interviewing for your visa keep in mind this interview is very important for you and only after clearing it you will be able to go to study in America. You must be ready in advance about the questions asked in the interview.

What is F-1 student visa?

F-1 student visa are mainly for those international students who want to go to the United States of America and study in the university there. F-1 student visa is issued for 5 years. If you also want to do your studies in that, you want to make your career with it so you should apply for F-1 student visa immediately.

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What are the Eligibility Requirements to Apply for F-1 Student Visa?

  • The most important eligibility requirements are that when your program is completed then you prove your return time and reason if you do not do so it will be considered as a sign of your permanent settlement there and your visa will be rejected.
  • It is necessary that your application should be accepted by its organization and institution.

These are some eligibility requirements which are very important to be fulfilled.

Some important Documents for F-1 student visa interview

One most important thing to keep in mind is that you should not forget to carry your application and appointment letter while going for the student visa interview. And especially keep in mind that the job itself is the requirement of important documents and take them with you. Let us know which are the important documents that you may need for the F-1 student visa interview?

  • Personal information
  • Academic history
  • Work or job proof
  • Financial documents

Personal information

The information and documents you will need in personal information are as follows application and appointment letter, application fee receipt, student and exchange visitor program, confirmation slip and 2*2 inches photo

Academic history

Mark-sheet of 10 and 12 and transcript, some eligibility test score like English proficiency test, GMAT OR SAT or GRE score, Mark sheet of previous study level

Work or job proof

Salary sleep, joining and resignation letter

Financial documents

Property documents, tax return, education loan approval, bank statement, and FD certificate

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Important Interview questions for F-1 student visa

If you want to study in the United States of America and have not applied for your student visa yet, apply now. Do you know what type of interview questions can be for student visa and are you prepared for it? There are many students who are not aware of the interview questions and due to this their F-1 student visa may be rejected. Let us take a look at some of the interview questions that you may be asked for the F-1 student visa.

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  • What are the reasons for which we should approve your student visa?
  • Why did you choose this US University for your studies?
  • Why don't you want to study in your country?
  • What are the reasons for choosing the course you have chosen to study in your US?
  • Have you ever received any kind of scholarship?
  • What is your professional background and who are in your family?
  • Are any of your relatives studying in the USA?
  • What career goals have you made after completing your course?

These are some important questions which can be asked at the time of interview. Without nervousness, you are required to answer all these questions.

In this article, we have told today in F-1 student visa bar which is very important to study in it. Along with we have also given an interview guide by reading which you can know what type of questions you can be asked for student visa interview.

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