What are the common mistakes which students make while applying for student loan - Education Loan?

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The common mistakes happened during student loan - Education Loan

Question:- What are the common mistakes which students make while applying for student loan and how these mistakes can be avoided?

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Top 11 Mistakes that Student should avoid while applying for Education Loan Process

Every parents has dream to enroll their child for higher college and university, they started saving since their childhood they also putting their money in various child saving plans. Present time the education expenses are so high that parents all planning has vanish. So what the option left with them is to take the loan on studies that is called student loan.

Many of us are aware of the term student loan and a loan that is taken on child further study and needed some documents, only few are aware of the true process and they choose wisely which loan should be taken.

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Below we will explain general mistakes done by the people during taking student loan / study loan or Education loan and how to avoid these mistakes.

Mistakes people make while taking an education loan

1. Aware of financial process:

At the time when a student eligible for higher studies and then he or she went to the office or bank for applying loan. The time they get to know about their process and formalities they have realized it is not an easy task to take a loan what if he failed to repay loans? What if they didn't get loan from here.

To get rid of all tension students must fill the form known as FAFSA (free application for federal student aid). This form is compulsory even you are not getting the money.

  • Tips to avoid mistakes:
  • Fill out the form rightly.
  • Look out for scholarships if any
  • Although you are in college still you can receive grant and scholarships.

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2. Takes Education loan for more money than need:

Students did big mistakes while taking loan they think that there is no harm in taking more money than need. But time being interest added to the net amount it almost double the net amount which is very tuff for the students to repay the loan.

3. Don't check the balance amount:

Generally students didn't check the balance amount of loan. Once they started repaying the loan installment they got relief that the amount is decreasing very soon but after some time how much amount left they also need to check. Checking your loan amount time to time will help you in managing the money management, you make your further expenses and saving accordingly.

4. Without check took wrong process of repayment loan:

This is one of the common mistakes in education loan. At the students took loan from office, they generally check the rules and regulation related to the loan after that they check the time period and then the interest if any. Many of them did mistake to check what is the procedure of repaying the loan, after how much time the loan installment should be started. You are aware of this that by what time the loan should started repaying. So that you can start planning accordingly.

5. Avoid repaying more than the fixed installment amount.

Generally at the time the loan is taken and after given time period the installment amount started paying by the students along with the fixed interest amount on the loan. Students plan their salary spilt according to the installment and then started their expenses, they think that they are paying the installment sooner the loan will paid. If in a month when you do some extra saving there is no harm paying more than the installment amount. This will help you in paying early loan amount.

6. Stop paying the installment:

At a time when students get realize that they are not able to pay the loan amount without any information sharing with the bank they stop paying the installment. If you are thinking for doing this stop right now, this step will give negative impact on your credit score for future loans. It is better that you should call your service provider and inform them that you will miss next installment and will pay them later. How to save money while studying abroad?

7. Research your college and then take loan on that:

Students check the famous university on the basis of that they took loan but after that studying their cost them so much, rather than first go for general course and then go for specialized degree.

8. Not enquiry about the relief on student loan interest:

Many students failed to enquiry about the deduction of interest on their loan. They could get reduction of $2500 in private loans.

9. What if not graduated in given years:

If a student's failed in a semester than one more semester and its fee will also add up in your loan amount. So student should be careful and study well.

10. Avoid checking the government deals:

Home country of students given many rebate on the students loan but students failed to check, it is better that you should always check for new updates.

11. Don't include in any bankruptcy:

Try to pay you loan in given time to avoid any bankruptcy against your name. Otherwise it may give problem in your next phase of job and you may disqualify further to take good opportunity in business and careers.

These are Common Mistakes to Avoid in Repaying Student Loans, you should  avoid these mistakes when taking an Education Loan.

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