Moving from student visa to permanent residency in Australia - Eligibility criteria of permanent residency!

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Moving from student visa to permanent residency in Australia:

International students who are studying in Australia has bunch of option for their future. They choose for their future in Australia. Some of students want to leave and return back to their home country while some are interested in doing further study in Australia and decided to stay. For recent time it is observed that many student showing interest in getting job after their course or college complete and they applied for permanent citizenship in Australia. Know some main Challenges faced by international students in Australia.

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How to Get Permanent Resident in Australia With Student Visa

You can start researching while you are in college, you can search for good job while living in Australia and also check what eligibility criteria for getting permanent residency.

Once you get the permanent residency it doesn't mean that you are citizen of Australia can right to take vote and all. You are just eligible for staying for more time in Australia, rather than applying for further visa you can go for permanent residency and you can relax and live in country as much you can do job.

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In this article we will explain you how to convert you student visa to permanent residency in Australia also we will explain you the eligibility criteria for same.

In recent time we have seen that getting permanent residency in Australia is become very tuff for international student. There are lot of rules and regulation need to be fulfilled by students. The government and immigration department will do all the research about students before changing their status. The student must have valid reason for staying long time in Australia.

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Points system for permanent resident visa:

In Australia immigration department calculate points before changing student visa into permanent residency and to earn these points student needs to work accordingly. Below we are explaining the points.

1.English language:

Student came from USA and UK there is no need to giving any English efficiency test and those students who came from other countries will pass this test to continue their eligibility.

Experts in English language will get 20 points.

Skilled student will get 10 points.

And Competent will get no points.

There are also points given to on basis of age group of students. If any person age above 49 years will be disqualified for getting permanent residency in Australia.

2. Work experience:

As per work experience points given to person.

 Those students work for at least 1 year will get 5 points.

Students have 1 to 3 years experience will get 10 points.

3 to 5 years experience will get 15 points.

5 to 8 years experience will get 20 points.

3. Qualification of the candidate:

People having extra qualification will also get good points. PHD holder will get 20 points. Graduation person will get 15 points and person from Australia diploma will get 10 points.

If a person is qualified for getting enough points then you can choose in below given permanent visa options.

1. General skilled migration:

Those people, who have proficiency in English and also completed their education here, will easily get the visa. This is a visa for all skilled level work people who continue staying and working. This visa needs 60 points in total. This type of visa helps people in getting government health insurance benefits also later you can apply for citizenship with the help of permanent visa.

2. Temporary graduate visa:

This visa might be choose for students who are about to complete their education in Australia. This type of visa required minimum 64 points and they can live for 18 months. The time period will be less or more depend on the course student doing.

This visa helps in doing further study and work in Australia.

3. Partner visa:

Many people apply permanent visa through their partner visa who is Australia citizen already. At first person gets the temporary visa and later their student visa converted into permanent visa. This visa required no points and offers lifetime residency in Australia.

4. Regional Sponsored visa:

This visa is given to person who wants to live in particular reginal area in Australia. This visa in also given on behalf of a family member already living in Australia.

5.  Skilled regional Visa:

Those people who lived in Australia for more than 2 years and having experience in work field can apply for this permanent type visa. With this visa type you can apply all the benefit related to the citizenship of Australia and later you can apply for citizenship of Australia.

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