Know the common problems and main Challenges faced by international students in Australia!

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Challenges faced by international students in Australia:

Students since their childhood dreamt to go for higher education in abroad.  Few of them crack the exam and then go for the admission in the top international university. After USA and UK many student dream to get admission in Australia. Australia has many top universities which offer many world class educations to students. Almost a million international students studied in Australia most of them are from Asian, Europe and North America.

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If we step out from our house we started missing home and face problems, what will happen after we change our country and shift to another country with difference culture, language and people.

Students suffer many problems when they studied in Australia. In this article we will explain the challenges faced by international students and also we will teach how to overcome from difficulty and focus on studies.

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1. Customs regulations:

Students face problems while they applied for student's visa for Australia. Australia has very strict customs regulations and getting visa is not easy for students.

2. Battling with homesickness:

Students who started living in Australian suffers from home sickness. They started missing their family and friends. While in Australia they are just shifted to it is hard for students for making their mind and focus on studies. Here students need to talk to their families daily don't sit in your room and cry step out and explore the city nearby.

3. Living Alone:

Australian follows different lifestyle, they don't want any kind of interference in their life so they prefer to live alone and visit to their families timely. Students from USA and Uk will not feel anything new as they have similar culture but students who came from Asian countries will definitely feels a lot as they come from joint family concept. So in that case students who faces loneliness in the city can live in crowded society also there are many active groups you join which can join you with your same county student and allow you to live with them.

4. Etiquettes:

Australia is very particular about showing basic manners. People here are friendly and helping nature. They talk to you by calling your first name and they talk with using fancy words. It is important that in Australia you always talk properly.

5. Learn the Language:

In Australia they use in short words to talk and even people from USA and UK difficult to talk using these short forms of words. Such as Arvo means afternoon and Bikkie means biscuit.

Students in starting months feel much separated from locals and getting tense how they will stay here for long, students need to first get indulge themselves with locals so that they can understand better the place.

6. Educational expectations:

The education system in Australia is different from other countries. That is why international students quite confused while studying. When an assignment is given to them they need to work in groups to avoid decrease in performance.

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7. Climate changes:

Student came from different countries and with different climate. The climate is depending on the area of Australia where you live. Like if you living in southern zone then you might feel heat during whole year and in northern areas season changes.

8. Campus problems:

Although all university anywhere confirmed that they have strict rules for ragging and student harassment but still international suffers from bad words by local student. They feel themselves as outsider and they will never be accepted here. This environment make insecure student and they feel depressed. Students need to talk to their professor about this and also take help from experts.

9. Food habits:

It is true without proper food no one can survive. Student coming from other countries have their own food habits. Whatever they eat in their country will not available here. Students have to either cook for they or they can eat in their campus is available good option for them.

10. New kind of sports:

In Australia people are very crazy about sport. They played almost every type of game. But it is not compulsory that what game you are playing your county, you can also play in your campus as well. So in that case you need to take participate in games that are played in your campus. It helps you in changing your mood.

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