What are the most important things to look for in university in the USA ? How Important are University ranking in the US

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University ranking in the USA - how important are they?

Ranking plays an important part of selecting a university, right ? but I don't believe so not even a little bit . if you are just starting the university search , here are few blogs to catch up .( higher education in USA, liberal arts education explained , school search process ) while working with students one always give me an opportunity to see the real process . I always try to find information for international students that why don't they understand the process? what piece of information were not available to them during the process ? I talk with them every day about why rankings are not the most important factor about university, it is always the first thigh my students talk to me about for universities in USA .

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How important are university rankings? To what extent does the university ranking matter?

What are the most important things to look for in university in the USA ?

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I talk a lot in my webinar series about misunderstanding, or the things that international students generally think. for example , " I will just get a scholarship to pay for school " or " I am going to go to MIT because it has a great technology program " or even " my test scores are great , so I can go anywhere I want for university "

But where do these wrong information starts  from ? usually these start  lack of proper knowledge and not clear information medium . for example , I think about finding resources for students who are already studying in USA its easy right ? but actually they also have many questions and lack of knowledge about many things even if they are studying from 2 to 3 years in school here .

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Then I think about students who graduated from international in their home countries - sure there counselor can tell them many basics but still they don't have proper knowledge or access to experts for guiding them how to study at USA, because these counselors are only familiar with famous universities in USA not every university  . so many students who go to international school didn't have proper knowledge until they do their own research about it . one of most popular statements I hear from students parents about what type of school they searching is " it doesn't matter as long as its high ranked " there is nothing wrong in this statement as most of the time these students have never gone to these university campus in USA , so it's quite hard for them to tell about their idea . but there is something that can help students to understand it . here are list of ten things more important than ranking that could guide you through your universities experience in details ....

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1. Location - its play a big factor in selecting university due to geographical area division . as some prefer small cities with less population some might prefer big cities with that has winter for long .

2. Size - it's also really important , for example small universities offer small sizes of classes with strength of 20 -39 students per class which make interaction through your undergraduate degree easier and familiar . it's also makes easier for students to stand out as leader on campus , president on campus and run organizations on campus .

On other hand large universities have variety of programs with hundred of degree offer, as these are giant they are well known around the world more exposure then small universities can give .

3. Climate - preference of climate plays role as some prefer beaches some mountains some winter some summer .

4. Programs - university you search for must have your interested program rather the highly ranked university .

5. Program ranking - for example George mason university is not in top 100 national rankings but they have top 10 national cyber security program

6. Scholarships or scholarships program for international students -university those who have international scholarship or international admission have specific staff that work for international students as they will be helping you not only in admission and process but help you further in you 4 to 5 years college while you earn your degree?

7. Diversity- every universities have diverse student groups .

8. International support services - these play a big support during your university life .

9. Alumni network - alumni  play a big support after they graduate like stepping stone that comes in finding job .

10. Internship opportunities - many universities have internship offices where students can support to find internship so that you have better employment options after leaving university.

All these add up to your fit - all the above points emphasis in determine university best fit for you . this article explains you how important are college rankings to you?

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