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Since we born on earth we have been experiencing lots of thing happening around us because of chemical phenomenon, in which some are tangible and some are intangible to human senses. In our everyday life we see many things which are occurring for ages but hardly have we looked up the reason behind that. Water cycle, cooking food, fixing broken things using adhesive, selection of food on basis of nutrition composition, a list of prescription, watering the plants, turning of milk into yogurt, breaking of food using enzymes in stomach, dyeing the clothes, using daily healthcare products, using cleaning chemical, cement and combustion of petrol or diesel in IC engines etc are some examples showing the existing of chemistry in our every part of life.

When we observe things around us we would find that things which are happening around us are not occurring accidently but all are designed by nature with help of chemical phenomenon. For example, rain drops formation in clouds, fermentation of fertilizer, reaction of green effect gases with ozone gas, formation of depletion layer in semiconductor devices, reduction of surface tension when detergents are used, light production in fluorescent tube lights etc. are some chemical activities which are intangible to human senses but occurring for long time to ease the human efforts.

Chemistry is the branch of science which incorporates various processes to identify the substances of which material is composed, collect and investigate the properties and way in which they combine and interact with another chemical, and to produce new substances using existing substances. Chemistry subject covers a broad range of application in which it starts with atom but continues even studying the material existing on Sun which weight is around 333000 times as much as earth, by using tracing the elements. Isn't it sounds interesting?

Some topics which are very important and cover large portion of chemistry stream are:

o Chemical bonding and molecular structure
o Atomic Structure and molecule
o Classification of elements using periodic table and their nature
o pH value calculation
o Water purification
o Cement, plaster of Paris, and soup production
o Metallurgy
o Petroleum products, their synthesize process and properties
o Semiconductor elements and fabrication
o Composition of various alloy metals
o Investigation of substance using titration etc process
o Types of reactions
o Kinetics chemistry
o Environmental chemistry
o Polymers
o Bimolecular etc.

What is the chemistry assignment and role of it in academic course?

Pupil of science stream get chemistry assignment sooner or later and this is the time when he/she has to perform excellent to secure good score for academic evaluation. With the help of chemistry assignment, students enhance knowledge of various methods and processes which are useful to make the human life easy going. These assignments contain lots of chemical equations, reactions, compounds molecule structure, theorems and concepts etc. which are high scoring and very important for scoring point of view.
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