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Basic concepts of Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry is that branch of chemistry which deals with all those compounds which do not comprise of carbon- hydrogen bonds. In simpler words it is the part of chemistry dealing with the properties and reactions of inorganic compounds with other compounds. The core subject deals with the synthesis, properties, uses and formation of such compounds. The subject has its applications linked with other branches of chemistry like thermodynamics, colloid, radio- chemistry, chemical, physical, hetero organic and organo- metallic chemistry. The entire range of these compounds is classified in few categories to understand the behaviour of these compounds properly. The categories are acids, bases, oxides and salts.

Acids are all those compounds which when mixed in water dissociates in to H+ ions and the bases are the ones which dissociates in to OH- ions when dissolved in the water. Salts are formed when there is a reaction between any acid and base whereas oxides are the compounds with one oxygen atom linked with any element. The study of the subject involves the study of transition metals too. The inorganic chemistry deals with different kinds of reactions like combination, decomposition, redox, displacement and double displacement reactions. Furthermore the categories like exothermic, endothermic, neutralisation and precipitation reactions are also given to the reactions. Every reaction has its own mechanism of changing the substrate to the product. The general topics in inorganic chemistry are atomic structure, study of periodic table, study of individual groups and block elements, ores and alloys, concepts of acids and bases, chemical bonding, coordination, nuclear and radioactivity. The basic concepts of all the topics formulate a base for inorganic chemistry if it is done step by step and not as a whole.

Importance of inorganic chemistry

Many of the compounds falling in the category of inorganic are used by us in daily lives. Few examples are common salt, silicon dioxide used in computer chips or solar cells, sulphuric acid in the form of drain cleansers and the expensive gemstone sapphire. The use of the inorganic compounds is in various industrial processes in the form of catalysts to accelerate the speed of the reaction so that the product is formed quickly. The metallo enzymes are used in the redox biology and you will be surprised to know that many of the metallo drugs are developed as a treatment of many autoimmune disorders, cancer and arthritis.

The technology is rapidly changing and many of the inorganic compounds have enhanced the same in the field of communication, energy conservation and its generation, aerospace, electronics and the environmental protection. The scope of the subject makes you research and work in the fields of medicine, electronics and industries all over the globe. You can also research on the non living matter or minerals been present in the earth's crust and the places they can be more in quantity. Inorganic chemistry is satisfying the demands of the every sector enhancing our way of living. Whether it is the formation of new inorganic fertilizers, heat resistant metal alloys, hard materials to be used for cutting tools or the compounds to avoid the icing on the airplanes, you will find umpteen inorganic compounds around you. In short we can say that our life revolves around inorganic compounds.

Tips to solve the problems/ questions based on inorganic chemistry

The first problem which most of the students face is to understand the reactions and how are they processed from substrates to products. This is due to the lesser practice in practical skills where one can see how the reactions are taking place. The tip is to check with the conceptuality of every type of reactions and the situations in which they undergo. This involves having the good hands in practical and practicing the equation formations. Also to note that you never forget the basics of valency concept  and how the reactions are balanced so that you can always get a balanced equation leading to the correct product formation and hence the answer. Instead of mugging up the reactions, understand the proceedings of the various reactions and how do the compounds form or dissociate in the presence of other substrates.

Practice makes the man perfect holds good in this subject. Practise the reactions every day and you will never forget the basics. Never try to read the equations as it never can be understood while reading. Writing is the best way to memorize various formulas. Apart from this practise the analytical questions more in order to understand the concepts and enhance the knowledge on the behaviour of the compounds in every reaction. For the theoretical concepts it is very useful if you create the mind maps or the framework you understand to summarize every topic. This will help you in understanding and revising the concepts better so that you can apply it in the application based problems. Never try to study every topic at once. Study topic wise starting from the easy topics to the ones you face difficulty in.

The easier ones will develop your interest and will clear your doubts in basics of inorganic chemistry leading you to understand better the topics you face difficulty. Before any topic make sure the understanding of the characteristics of periodic table is very clear with you. This will help you a lot in understanding the reactions and the behaviour of various inorganic compounds. Make sure you brush up the periodic table every week to keep the basics afresh in your head. For having the Analytical part of the inorganic chemistry make sure you are concentrating in your practical classes. You learn it while observing and hence this part can be understood only via the hands on experience in the lab classes. All these tips will help you in solving the question under any topic with clear understanding and correctness. All that matters is the time and energy you are spending on every concept with concentration which helps you in understanding the fundamentals and excel in the subject.

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