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Basics of electrochemistry

Electrochemistry is a branch of chemistry dealing with all the chemical reactions or processes that makes the electrons to move from one element to another. This kind of movement in a reaction is known as oxidation- reduction (Redo) reaction. It is a type of reaction where one substance gains the electron are becomes oxidised whereas another substance looses the electron and becomes reduced. This branch deals with the concepts of examining the phenomena which is the result of electrical and chemical combined effects. The study of this course delivers the better understanding of redo behaviour of the compounds and their reversibility of reactions. It makes a person analyse the quantitative information on the extent of reactions and determining the electrochemically active surface area for the catalyst in the fuel cells.

The electrochemical sciences and engineering as a course deals with basic four core areas:

a)  Electrochemical methods: The basic fundamentals of electrochemistry and their application in various chemical problems is the main agenda of this area. Few of the topics will be cyclic voltammeter, scanning electrochemical microscopy, modified electrodes and photo- electrochemistry. Students formulate their base of using computer programs, potentiometer, palaeography and physical chemistry via this area of study.

b) Electrochemical energy systems: This area deals with the charge transfer and charged species affecting the thermodynamic and kinetic processes. The basics of designing fuel cells, batteries with trading fuel efficiency and capital cost.

c)  Electrochemical Energy Materials: Based on the basics of chemistry and physics concepts, this area deals with the materials and the principles for the operation of the electrochemical storage devices like fuel cells, capacitors and batteries. The conceptual learning of solid state chemistry is enhanced to understand the properties and performance of the materials used in the storage devices.

d) Advanced analytical electrochemistry: This area deals with the practice and the theoretical concepts of a broad range of analytical methods like impedance spectroscopy, hybrid techniques for the study of interfaces (in- situ and ex- situ both), rotating disk electrodes, scanning electrochemical microscopy, LEED, EQCM, and FTIR etc. The base of various physical principles is made via this area of electrochemistry. Few of them to name are adsorption, interaction between the light and the electrochemistry, inner sphere reactions, electro- catalysis and electro generated chemiluminesence.

Apart from the above four main core areas, there are other areas also in electrochemistry like nanotechnology, optics and laser spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, ceramic engineering, electron microscopy, polymer science, nana- materials etc.

Importance of electrochemistry

Electrochemistry defines its uses in our daily lives. There are various kinds of batteries we use in homes and industries which are made using the concepts and theories of electrochemistry. Few of the batteries to name are AA used in torches, long life alkaline batteries in cell phones, lithium batteries in digital cameras, silver oxide batteries in hearing aids, mercuric batteries in digital watches and thermal batteries in military application purposes. For problems like corrosion protection, jewellery production and the abrasive and wear resistance, electroplating technique uses the concepts of electrochemistry. The process uses an electric current to coat an electrically conductive object with a thin layer of metal. The formation of brine in a chloral- alkali industry which is a saturated solution of common salt also is a part of electrochemistry. The process releases the products like chlorine and sodium hydroxide which we use in various forms in our day to day life. This industry uses the knowledge of electrochemistry in the form of three different cells namely diaphragm cell, mercury cell and membrane cell. The extraction process of aluminium from its ore Bauxite also is an application of electrochemistry. Since the applications are many, the scope of this subject is also very high in the areas of research and industries. The formation of various sensors in the field of agriculture, nana- sciences, medicine, corrosion, food industry is a direct scope of the subject. Apart from this you can also get entry in the research and development in bioelectrical chemistry, biomedical field, computational electrochemistry, chemo- metrics, corrosion science etc. Every pharmaceutical and the chemical industry will always need an electrochemist for their research and developmental works. You can also become an electrochemical scientist and work for the government funded projects or for various other private agencies. These industries will become more in future and hence, there will be lot of scope to showcase the talent and calibre in this field.

Tips to solve the problems related to electrochemistry

Students face lot of difficulties and confusion in the working of different kinds of cells via different chemicals. The other troublesome area for most of them is the physics part of the course involving the concepts of electricity and electro motive force. The derivations of final reaction using the redo conceptual knowledge also become a difficult point for students. The basic tip to follow will be to first understand the concepts of electricity before moving to the understanding of higher concepts. Also the practical knowledge and the hands on experience will clear your basic doubts on the working and production of various different kinds of batteries or cells. Practise the redo reactions every week via solving the problems from easy to applicative level. This will develop your interest and boost your confidence for solving the evaluative questions also with accuracy. It is difficult to memorize the various laws in the theoretical part of the subject. Make the summary or the mind map of every law and go through them every second day. This will keep all the conclusions of the laws afresh in your mind. Using the concepts of the law, you will be able to solve any higher order thinking or the open ended questions accurately. The various specific kinds of conceptual difficulties can also be evaded out of your mind by watching the videos available online on various different aspects and areas of electrochemistry.  Not only it clears your minor doubts but also develops your interest and observational skill in the subject. This tip will also help you in achieving success in your research or the project work also.

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