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                        All living and non-living beings are made up of various simple and complex chemical compounds. Even the smallest unit of all living beings- the cell is composed of various sub-cellular components which again are composed of various complex compounds. The structure and component of these sub-cellular organelles such as mitochondria, golgi bodies, ribosomes, nucleus etc., and the cell itself is quite interesting and complex and needs to be studied. This study of structure, chemical composition of different parts and chemical reaction occurring in all living beings is known as biochemistry.

                       Biochemistry plays an important role in all aspect of our lives. Starting from the origin of life itself to curing diseases, knowledge of biochemistry is applied everywhere. Life in itself is very complex and is not just the beating of heart and our breathing in an out. Scientists since long have tried to decipher the complex process of how life originated on this planet Earth. Various theories have been put forward and all resulting in the same conclusion that life originated from simple chemical compounds. With the origin of life the concept of biochemistry also originated. About 4.5 billion years ago in primitive earth , with the decrease in temperature atoms of various elements came together and formed inorganic molecules. The earliest molecules formed were those of hydrogen, nitrogen, ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide and water vapour. The combination of these simple inorganic compounds leads to the formation of simple organic compounds such as sugars, fatty acids, glycerol, amino acids and nitrogenous bases. All these compounds were formed in ocean water. Gradually these simple organic compounds started combining among themselves to form complex organic compounds such as starch, cellulose, lipid, proteins, nucleotides etc. These larger organic molecules spontaneously reacted among themselves to form large colloidal aggregates called coercervates. These coercervates gradually evolved into the first primitive system called protobionts with the incorporation of nucleic acid within them. Thus the first living cell originated. This hypothesis and analysis of all these reaction would not have been possible without the knowledge of biochemistry.

Biochemistry not only reveals light into our origin of life but also deals with many other aspects such as follows:-


1. We can observe and control plant growth by the knowledge of chemical structure of various plant hormones and enzymes and their functions.

2. To produce high quality yielding crops by knowing about their genetic structure, knowledge of biochemistry comes to play.

3. Effect of different pesticides upon different varieties of crops and their harmful effects can be studied through biochemistry.

4. Different physiological reactions occurring in plants can be studied in this field so as to obtain healthy and disease free crops.


1. Biochemistry helps us to study the physiological structure of not only the host but also the parasite which causes various diseases. This knowledge helps in the discovery of new medicines with least side effects.

2. The whole process of antigen - antibody reaction and our body's defence system can be understood.


1. The knowledge of chemical structure of different food material and the methods or different ways to preserve these food materials can be gained by the study of biochemistry.

2. Structure of different food additives and food preservatives used in the food industry to make our food last longer can be studied through biochemistry.

3. Health benefits of different food materials depending on their structure can be studied.


1. All the metabolic reactions taking place in living beings with the help of enzymes, hormones and catalysts etc., is essential for us to study so as to identify all the living processes in our own body.

2. This study helps us to prevent disease arising due to disruption in any of the chemical reaction taking place in our body.

3. Structure of substances contributing to our growth and nutrition such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, all types of vitamins and deficiency diseases due to these substances can all be studied under biochemistry.


  • Biochemistry is a subject which involves knowledge of both biology and chemistry. So for solving biochemistry problems one has to be well versed in both these subjects. One might find biology as an interesting subject as it involves real life experiences to a great extent. On the other hand students might find chemistry as a boring and monotonous subject with vast concept based on theory itself.
  • To solve biochemistry problems one must have a strong grip on organic chemistry. Organic chemistry is a subject which involves memorising and learning lots of chemical reactions which students might find difficult.
  • To study biochemistry of physiological reactions one has to know different cycles and pathways which again involves lots of enzymes, catalysts , reagents etc. Many of these cycles quite close resemblance to each other. Students might get confused in learning all of these together.
  • Biochemistry is basically a practical based subject so to gain knowledge at the core level one has to spend a good amount of time in good laboratories. This can be quite time consuming and costly leading to students' anxiety.
  • This subject is not only lab based it is also a field based subject. But in most cases the fields and areas where biochemistry can be applied are rare to find.


  • Biochemistry is basically a difficult subject as it is vast and monotonous. But if the subject can be studied by understanding its concepts by relating to real life and finding practical applications of the subject one can make this subject interesting.
  • If we understand the scope and extent of biochemistry starting from the level of microbes to higher plants and animals it can be made more interesting.
  • By understanding the different terminologies one can get a clear idea of the concepts.


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