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Basic concepts of polymers

The study of polymers is a branch of chemistry which deals with the macro molecules made up of many repeated sub- units. In short, any substance which is made of many repeatedly similar sub- units bonded together to form a long chain of a particular substance. These polymer chains are very long. They may be having millions of atoms bonded together and each of the atoms is known as monomer. The basic structure of the polymer completely depends upon the type of raw material. The formation of polymers happens via the chemical reaction known as polymerization. There are two different types of reactions in polymerization. One is condensation reaction and the other is known as chain growth polymerization. The entire course revolves around the study of the natural and synthetic type of polymers, their properties and uses.

The in- depth knowledge of the subject is impossible without the basics of the following areas:

  • Introduction to polymer science: It deals with the basic concepts like different ways of classification, chemical bonding, stereochemistry and structures of monomers.
  • Chain polymerization: This topic deals with the kinetics and mechanism of chain polymerization, copolymerization, controlled polymerization methods and properties, applications and synthesis of hydrocarbons and elastomers.
  • Condensation polymerization: This topic will include thermosetting resins, step reaction polymerization, application, properties and synthesis of both hyper branched polymers and hetero- chain polymers.
  • Physical chemistry of polymers: This topic will deal with morphology, polymer structure, and physical properties of the polymer chain with their characterization. The study of radiation chemistry of polymers will also be included here.
  • Analytic chemistry of polymers: This topic will include various processes like chemical, x- ray diffraction, thermo gravimetric and differential thermal analysis. It will also include the study of optical properties and infrared, UV and Raman spectroscopy.
  • Polymer processing: This topic will be giving you knowledge about fibre, plastic and elastomers technology.
  • Rheology and mechanical properties of polymers: Various properties of polymers are understood here like the application in dyes, surface coating, adhesive and packaging.

Apart from this the practical knowledge of the subject will include the basics of polymer modification, characterization, synthesis and analysis. It will also include the hands on experience in all the instrumentation techniques required to understand the study of various aspects of polymers.

Importance of polymers

From our DNA to plastic all of the substances are made up of polymers. The common products used in home like bottles, Tupperware, plates, cups, fabric, rubber, plastic bags are all made of the repeating unit's monomers. The house making materials also are polymers like the electrical components, paints, packaging materials, pipes and adhesive. Most of the automotive parts are also polymers. The medical field also is not behind in using the polymers. Whether it is surgical sutures, contact lenses or the medical supplies like bone cement and blood bags, all are polymers. In short we can say that everything we use for making our works easier and for general purposes are all polymers. Hence a great need to study the subject to know about the available natural polymers around us and their properties. This knowledge will help us to use them and the other synthetic monomers to collaborate and become a strong polymer which will have two different qualities. In this way more polymers can be created for the use of mankind. Also the reflection on using the renewable sources will happen to manage the waste generated by the same. The course develops the skills like higher mental focus and high degree of precision to work independently or in a team as a scientist on any of the polymer chemistry project. Apart from being a polymer chemist who takes care of the manufacture, tests and design of various substances, you get to enter other employment areas as well like aerospace, automobiles, railways, research and development. The scope of the subject is also in the academic area as an expert in colleges and universities. The study of polymer chemistry gives you the jobs under the categories like synthetic polymer chemist, lab technician, demographer, technical writer, polymer technician, polymer material engineer/ scientist, teacher, senior polymer researcher, polymer sort technician, senior sales technical support specialist, quality specialist and chemist (analytical, medical, physical and inorganic).

Tips to solve problems/ questions related to the subject polymers

Maximum students face trouble in remembering the monomers and applying their structure to the correct techniques in the questions. You don't have to remember the entire structure. Just get the small tip correct in your head about the structure of various monomers and you can create the structure of polymer yourself. You can always draw the monomer bonding technique to showcase how the entire chain will be looking like. Also go for practical of every technique and process after reading the theory part of it. This will enhance your understanding of basics and also will be retained by your brains when you see any application based question on the same content. The design challenging questions become easy when you have your concepts clear for cross linking techniques and the different raw materials available with their properties. While studying the different approaches and techniques, make sure to create a summary for every chapter or unit to go through the concepts or to link those concepts every time you are trying to solve a question in your project. Always answer the technical and process based questions in bullet points or different steps. This will make your task easier to revise and know whether you have missed any point or not. Also since the subject is having very high utility in our daily lives, make sure to answer the questions with examples. For remembering the structures of various monomers along with their special properties for which they can be used, make a chart of the same and go through it every week. This will never make you confused when you are solving a problem/ question based on higher order thinking level or open ended and evaluative level. 

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