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Medicinal Chemistry

Basics of Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry is a branch of chemistry which mostly deals with the research and development of new drugs for living beings. It is a subject which gets intertwined with biochemistry, pharmaceutical studies and biology. The subject provides the basic skills like verbal and communicative along with the scientific approach. The subject has lot of practicality and work for the betterment of living being's health and stress factors. The basics of the subject includes the analytical skills for the compound identification while doing the research, knowing the synthetic organic chemistry for better understanding of purification of the compounds and also the biology  of the compound being functional in living beings along with the mode of drug working. Each of the projects under this subject is unique in its working and gives the students the basic knowledge and understanding of formulation, producing, evaluating, characterizing and analysing the new compounds in application. The course makes the person analyse various methodologies to understand the potential of newly made bio- active compounds in human beings and also fix up the level and concentration for Food and Drug Administration.

The Medicinal Chemistry as a subject is very vast and all the topics circulate around various drug synthesis strategies and concepts of pharmacology. The basic topics which will be included as the parameters in the study of Medicinal Chemistry are:

  • Measuring the activity of enzymes and receptors: This will include how different enzymes will speed up the process of using the drug. The action of drug on the body will completely depend on the catalytic process of various enzymes and the attachment of drug at a specific receptor of the organ. The complete study of enzyme inhibition and the structure of various proteins existing in living systems will be included in this area.
  • Study of drug's half life: This is a part of pharmacokinetics where the drug adsorption technique and the elimination methods are studied. The study of half life is important in considering the degradation factor in mind. The topic will also deal with the predictions and alterations of the metabolic pathways. The effects of drugs/ pro- drugs on the populations and affecting the genetics also will be understood in this area of medicinal chemistry.
  • Discovering molecules: An elaborative topic on various techniques and their principles on discovering new drugs keeping all the biological activities in mind. This area will also include the binding phenomenon, structure and diversity of various molecules. The concepts of combinatorial chemistry are also enhanced via this unit.
  • Safe and effective drugs: This involves with all the methods and techniques to optimize the new formed molecule in to a safe and highly specific/ effective drug for living system. The different tests and evaluations before the drug distribution are all taught in this unit. Lead discovery and lead optimization are also the sub topics of this area.

Importance of Medicinal Chemistry

The main importance of the subject is that it provides various research methodologies in knowing how each of the chemical is affecting the biological systems and in drug development for various diseases to help humans cope. The study has made a very positive impact on health and well- being of millions of living beings in the world. Without this study the remedy for pain relief, fight against various bacterial, fungal or viral infections would not have been possible. The developments in this field gave us the remedy against cancer and obesity which are the two biggest life style disorders and biggest health problems of the world. As a medicinal chemist, you can go on further in your career through various laboratory works open for you in the entire world. Few of them to name are formulation and process chemistry as well as in quality assurance and control sector. Apart from this, the career growth can also be in outside laboratory works like technology transfer, regulatory affairs and property cum project management. Every research and development sector of any kind of medicinal institution or company fixes the opportunities for medical chemists. For e.g. evaluating and reviewing the application of various drugs at Food and Drug Administration. The course gives you a chance to work with renowned toxicologists, biotechnologists, microbiologists and other scientists for the new drug discoveries. It also makes you develop environmental friendly and cost effective drugs to suit the needs of both mankind and environment. The personal development also happens via this course. You gain very crisp communicative skills which gets useful to you professionally and personally.

Tips to solve the problems faced during the course of medicinal chemistry

The most important tip to excel in the subject and solve any kind of question is to have your conceptual learning of biochemistry and organic chemistry very strong. This will help you in knowing the systematic of the molecule and hence will make you strong in playing with the molecules to form the useful compounds in the laboratory classes without any blunders. Since the subject's practical utility is very high, it is advisable to read the theoretical part before going on for any practical project or experiment. The hands on learning will enhance your conceptual learning leading to cracking all the application and evaluation based questions. Since there are many metabolic pathways and cycles related to biological systems to remember, it is good to keep the mind maps handy. This will make you summarize every topic quickly and will keep the key points clear in your head before the examinations. It is a very good technique to crack the exams with good marks. The step wise approach while solving an open ended question is the best methodology. It makes it easier for you to revise the steps quickly for any missing link. Also while answering the questions, use the flow chart and diagrammatic approach. This saves the time and makes the answer well explanatory rather than writing huge paragraphs. All these tips will gel in with the topics of Medicinal Chemistry and will make you score well with planned strategies and methodologies leaving the stress behind. 

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