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Organic Chemistry

Basic concepts of organic chemistry

The study of organic chemistry deals with the structures, properties and the reactions of organic compounds. The organic compounds are all those compounds which are having carbon atoms in them. This is the major difference in between inorganic and organic. The study deals with various topics like:

a) Bonding and structure: Here the basics of electro- negativity, dot structure, polarity, bond- line structures and hybridization of chemical bonds are studied. The relation of bonds to various physical properties of an organic compound is also the focus point in this unit.

b) Alkanes, cyclo- alkanes and functional groups: The study deals with the nomenclature, conformations and the molecular structure of all the organic compounds in this category.

c)  Resonance and acid- base chemistry: It deals with the basic principles of acid- base chemistry and tracking the electrons in oxidation or reduction reactions and during the formation of resonance structures.

d) Alkenes and Alkynes: this topic deals with the nomenclature, reactions and the preparation of the organic compounds.

e)  Stereochemistry: The concepts of chirality, enantiomers and the stereo isomers are given about the organic compounds. The different configurations of the isomers are learnt here. Conjugated and pericyclic systems are also included in this topic for enhancing the prediction of stereochemistry and regiochemistry of various products based on the Diels- Alder reaction.

f)  Study of organic compounds in various categories like alcohols, sulphides, epoxides, ethers, ketones, aldehydes, carboxylic acid with their derivatives, amines and aromatic compounds gives the basics of various different kinds and uses of the compounds containing carbon- hydrogen bonds.

g) Alpha carbon chemistry: It is the study of carbon which is one carbon away from a ketone or aldehyde group in the organic compound. It deals with the study of the formation of enolate anions and aldol condensations.

h) Spectroscopy: A study which deals with the interaction of matter with light. The basics of proton NMR, infrared, UV and Vis spectroscopy are enhanced in this topic.

All the above units give the ground basics and in depth knowledge of the organic compounds and their formations with uses.

Importance of organic chemistry

We can say the main importance of studying the organic chemistry is to know the reactions in the living body and related to life. The study of this subject makes you know about the structures and the functions of basic molecules through which life is made like DNA, nucleic acids, proteins and carbohydrates. Whether edibles or non edibles, most of the products we use in our daily lives are all the organic compounds. Few of them to name are bread, milk, clothes, shoes, medicines, tires, belts etc. There are many careers one can choose through the study of organic chemistry. The fields like medicine, pharmacy, chemical engineering, research, industries working for organic compounds, agriculture etc. The study in the field of medicine makes you research and study in three different aspects- Path- physiology of the disease, drugs to cure and the diagnosis of the disease. Food and nutrition is based on organic compounds and hence the nutritional organic compounds are taken in different concentrations at every phase of life. The study for food and beverages deals with the alcohol, milk, vitamins, fats etc and their requirements during diseased, for attaining the fitness in body and during pregnancy. Being a nutritionist or dietician, you need to know the basics of food organic compounds. In industries and the laboratories, the organic compounds are used as sterilizing agents and cleansing agents. The acid- base reactions makes you analyse the quantity and quality needed for every pesticide or insecticide in the fields. The organic compounds are also very valuable to us as compounds like graphite, petroleum and diamond fall in the category. Hence the subject holds a very important position in enhancing the understanding of human life and making it better.

Tips to solve the problems/ questions based on organic chemistry

For most of the students the subject looks unattractive and complex due to inability of imagining the structures in 3-D and understanding the concept of the transformations of the organic compounds. The subject makes the students stressed due to its complexity in most of the structures of organic compounds. This makes the student go for rote learning making him less imaginative and creating blocks in concept clarification just because the compounds look very elaborative and dreadful to understand. Follow the mantra- "Yes I can" and make the subject interesting by making three dimensional models or creating animation in the smart phone app to understand the molecular structure and the reactions involved with the organic compounds. Half the battle is won if you gain the interest in working with the molecules because it makes your fears fly away and boosts your confidence to do well in the subject. Also for enhancing the understanding of the mechanisms, have good hands on the analysis and synthesis of the compounds in the laboratory. Because observation will let you understand those little concepts which becomes difficult theoretically. Nomenclature is also a part which becomes difficult for students because it involves many rules. The best way to accomplish this area is to practise every third day the problems based on nomenclature and revising the rules. This will never make you go wrong in your examinations. Instead of mugging the reactions, practise them by understanding the basics of the change in the products by knowing the bonding. This will enable you to solve the equations step by step yourself with the conceptual understanding of the breaking and formation of bonds in the compounds. For each of the topics in various units covered in the entire syllabus, make sure to create a mind map to revise the content quickly. The making of the mind map itself will clear lot of doubts and will make you confident with the subject. Through these tips you will be able to solve any evaluation or application based questions in organic chemistry and will succeed in the examinations without any stress.

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