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Environmental Chemistry

Basic concepts of Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry is an interesting branch of chemistry dealing with the study of different kinds of biochemical or chemical reactions and phenomenon occurring in the natural places on earth like water bodies, atmosphere and soil. The entire study revolves around the chemicals (properties and functions) present in nature and how are they intertwined with all the living systems. The subject is in collaboration with maths, toxicology, hydrology, biology, genetics and chemical engineering. Hence, the course is very practical and involves the direct application of the theoretical studies and theories. The subject has gained a lot of scope recently and many students are picking up this course for their bachelor's and Master's degree. Since the scope of research is so high, we find many of the students pursuing PHD in one or the other project under this subject's category.

The procedures and the instrumental methods of the course during the analytical tasks enhances the scientific skills and makes the student confident in planning, developing, conducting, evaluating and reporting the experiments correctly in any aspect of the environment. The basics of the course deals with the study of hydrosphere, atmosphere and exosphere along with the problems each of the branches is facing due to the disruption of biochemical reactions in nature. The understanding of waste water management, BOD of water, quality controls of water, green house effect, global warming controlling methodology, environmental colloids, soil salinity, rock cycles and the weathering and the soil profiles needed for various plantations are enhanced in the period of entire course. The study focuses on the various chemicals that are damaging the resources and how can they be saved using alternative methods or chemicals. The subject focuses more on the case studies and lab experiments to develop the scientific approach and calibre in the student. This makes the student hold on to the basic knowledge and build the solutions themselves by applying the concepts of chemistry in the environment. Using all the knowledge of various aspects of the subject, student's gains better understanding to solve the problems, projects and case studies.

Importance of Environmental Chemistry

With the advent of technology raising its bar each year, the scope of environmental chemistry has also increased. The usage of the chemicals in fertilizers, cleansing agents, household, industries, and fuel are degrading the natural systems and affecting the health of the living beings. The living system is surrounded by chemicals. The research has given many synthetic chemicals which are helpful for humans in many ways but are contaminating the environment every day. The major health hazards are seen in plants and human beings. To minimize or neutralize the effect of such chemicals, the study of this subject is very necessary. The subject's application directly deals with the issues like toxicities in the water bodies and atmosphere, acid rain, ocean acidification, ground water contamination, ozone depletion etc which are the major concerns of the world today.  The basic knowledge of the course helps you and your family to choose the chemicals for household wisely.

It also makes you aware about the concentration you should be using of a particular chemical at one time and their correct way of disposal methods. It makes you aware about the factors like waste management and protection of water bodies and soil to avoid any major outbreaks in the environment. The knowledge of the subject also makes the farmers use a minimal quantity of pesticides and insecticides and discard the ones which are banned. To make sure that the farmers are working within the rules and regulations, the eco- toxicologists do the sampling of their soils for free and guide them to limit the use of chemicals. There are many government aided agencies that pay these environmental consultants so that the plant material we consume every day remains organic and the practices like artificial ripening or over dosage of pesticides can be stopped. It is due to the knowledge of this subject that the world is now focussing on organic materials to keep the environment safe. 

As a career it holds diverse options in various branches like pollution remediation, astro- chemistry, marine chemistry, environmental modelling and so on. You can be working for the government at a state, national or federation level or as a consultant in any industry. The scope of the subject is also in to teaching and research in various institutions. If you excel in the subject, the doors of Army Corp, National Environmental Agency, Aeronautics and space administration and many other agencies will be open for you to showcase your talent and enhance your career as an environmental consultant or scientist. The vast array of work offered in the course gives you the jobs with the titles like toxicologist, environmental chemist, safety specialist, eco- toxicologist, Analytical chemist, research and development chemist, bio- geochemist of organic contamination, project chemist and organic section manager.

Tips to solve the questions/ problems based on environmental chemistry

Since the subject has a lot of application in real life and hence needs the conceptual application in every problem. This can be attained with better understanding of the phenomena occurring in environment and with the intensity it is getting damaged. The basic tips to follow are that go unit wise and gain the knowledge on theoretical concepts first. After this create the summary of every chapter and revise it weekly. This will never allow the concept to go out of the mind and will create a base which can be used by you in any kind of evaluation or application based questions. The subject demands more projects and more practical work. Hence, always choose a research project which gives you hands on experience of testing various chemicals and their effects on the environment in the laboratory. This will help you clarifying your conceptual doubts without any stress. The mind maps as shortcuts are always helpful in understanding the chemical reactions well. If you revise these tips every day, you can crack any problem of environmental chemistry.

Looking for Environmental Chemistry Assignment Help

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