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What is Biography?

Biography is a detailed description of a person's life which is also known as Bio. It involves not only detailed knowledge of basic fact like education, relationship, experience , work and death but also it describes various aspects of his/her life events and subject's life story. Basically, Biography works as non-fiction but it takes help of fiction while portraying a person's life. It is nuanced and highly technical form of writing.


While we write about our self in first person when we write an autobiography, we write about someone else when we write a biography. Very often students are asked to write about others. There are people who lead eventful interesting lives, people who influence you to a great extent, and people who lead organizations or do something remarkable in life that can serve as a good example for others to follow. It is worth writing about such people so that the world can learn something from them. Students are often given assignments of this kind.

Management students may be asked to write about great managers, students of medicine may be asked to write about personalities in the medical field and so on. Biographical writing assignments require students to conduct some research and find information about the concerned personalities. The information has to be well-organized, the important events in the person's life selected and presented in a proper way. Along with testing the abilities of students to fulfil these requirements, biography writing also helps to test the writing skills of students.

Some difficulties involved in writing biographies

  • The life of some people is full of rich events. It becomes difficult to decide which events to include and which to exclude from a biography.
  • Certain events may be minor but important in the life of a person. One must understand the significance of incidents and events.
  • Sometimes, the word limit for the biography is mentioned. A writer does not then get the freedom to write whatever he feels is necessary. Adjusting all important events in the restricted number of words becomes a difficult exercise.
  • A biography has to be read and re-read several times before finalizing it. Reading what you have written not only allows you to edit the text for mistakes but also helps you to understand whether it makes good reading and whether all important details are included.
  • Biographies are written for different purposes and readers. The content and style has to be written according to the expectations of readers and in such a way that the objectives of writing the biography are fulfilled. For example, if the biography of an economist is written for students of economics, the person's contribution to economics is of greatest significance and not how he was a good father to his children.
  • Biography writing is a special kind of writing that needs enough practice and all may not be equally good at it, especially beginners.
  • Some biographies are written for unknown audience.
  • There is no fixed format for writing biographies.

Some topics covered under Biography Writing

  • Selecting and arranging personal details
  • Identifying the important events and incidents
  • Arranging the incidents in chronological order
  • Making proper sections and chapters
  • Major achievements
  • Awards and recognition
  • Career and public image
  • Turning points if any
  • Influence of people, books etc. on his personality
  • Skill sets
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Character
  • Hard times if any
  • Relations and relationships
  • What makes the person interesting?
  • How can he be a good example to others?

Importance of Biographies Assignments?

There are many benefits of Biography which can be helpful in career point of view. Some benefits are given below:

  • Public Speaking
  • Press Releases & media packages
  • Your personal career portfolio
  • Company websites
  • Presenting your skills to a recruiter
  • Inclusion with a business plan
  • Request for proposal & sales packages
  • Executive & non-profit board appointments

How to prepare high scoring Biographies assignments?

If you are looking to create a biography, there are many things which should be kept in mind in which first most is appropriate form and style of writing without being over-reacting or over-telling the facts. It should be historically and accurately without adopting unnecessary details.

          There is no shortage of biography writing without knowing the basics of writing. Because of busy schedule of student, who has to submit the biography writing assignment, he/she faces many troubles and at the time of submission the biography of subject. To solve this problem there is a service named online expert help provider which provides experienced expert to get done the work.

Biographies Assignment Writing Service 

If you want to score good then seek help of online assignment help provider in your biography writing work. Online experts possess good knowledge of writing assignments and able to deal with any kind of assignment with high involvement. They are very versatile and skilled in doing this kind of work. Nowadays Online expert help is out in the air and students are getting good grades in their academic session.

24 hours online help

Writing biographies is a technical scholarly type of writing. There is no scope for imagination and it is entirely factual.  It has to be done with responsibility. One cannot afford to distort a personality by changing or tampering with facts. It has to be truthful, yet written in a literary style so that it makes good reading and at the same time fulfils the aims it is meant for. Students or may be faculty, may have to struggle with writing biographies and yet unable to produce quality work.

It requires considerable library research, perhaps interviewing personalities and so on. Hence, it is very time consuming.

There is no given format for writing biographies; the writer has to decide a format and everyone cannot possess all types of skills necessary for writing biographies. Hence, people are only too glad if they get some kind of help.

We provide precisely the help you require for writing assignments like biographies and all other types of writing. 

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The procedure for getting help

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How to get done Biography writing assignment?

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