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Stock Market & Asset Management

Stock Market is a platform for buyers and sellers to transact in shares of pubic listed companies. When the Companies are in need of funds, they issue shares to the public through the process called as an Initial Public Offering and get their shares listed on the stock markets. This is known as the primary market. On the stock trading platform, purchase and sale of such shares is then possible and that is known as the secondary market.

World over stock markets are governed by specific agencies like U.S. Securities Exchange and Commission in the United States of America. They are responsible for providing guidelines and governing the functioning the stock markets. They specify the requirements which need to be met before a company can get listed, the procedure for listing on the exchange including the documentation, time frames and allotment of shares etc. They also list down the disclosure norms to be followed by companies once they are listed on the exchange and are responsible for ensuring that the same is being adhered to. Further, as regards investors, based on their perception of a company's future performance, they will buy and sell on the stock markets.

Asset Management refers to management of an Investor's financial assets such as equities, debt, real estate, gold and even art. It is more of an art where an investor's risk profile is understood in terms of his or her foreseeable expenses, liabilities, retirement requirements after taking into account the current income and lifestyle. Once this is understood, it entails construction of a portfolio encompassing different asset classes such as shares, debt instruments, gold, real estate, commodities, art etc. Asset management entails understanding the risk associated with each of these asset classes and how they would be performing in the future. It includes devising the right mix of asset classes, monitoring it over a period of time and making changes in case of a change in investor's risk profile or market scenarios.

 Difficulties encountered in writing Stock Market and Asset Management assignment/assessments

Stock market and Asset Management assignments require students to have in-depth knowledge about financial instruments which keep evolving over a period of time. While each basic financial instrument has its own characteristics, advanced asset management includes hybrid products which students may find difficult to understand.

Further, it's a vast topic which requires the understanding of how markets functions, the associated laws and guidelines as well as the dynamics which affect the forces of demand and supply in each of these markets. While it may be possible for a student to gain this knowledge in one market, to have that kind of expertise across different markets and asset classes is often difficult at the student level.

The understanding of asset management required analytical abilities which do not necessarily suit all students as it involves understanding of macro and micro economic factors, accounting principles, legal guidelines and provisions as well as functioning of specific markets.

Finally these assignments are time consuming and require a lot of time to research and write. Many a times despite having the knowledge, students find it difficult to express themselves coherently thereby failing to demonstrate their knowledge base well. Sometimes, time constraints do not let them do justice to the assignment in terms of conducting detailed research.

Looking for Stock Market and Asset Management Help

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