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1)  Importance of Dendrite in Academic Curriculum.

-   Dendrite cells play a key role in determining adaptive immunity and this help in understanding of the student easily.

-   Denditric cells are a very important branch in biology. This helps us to know about the mechanisms by how our body deals with invading foreign pathogens.

-   Dendrite cells are a broad part of Biology. Rather it is a part of physiology, where we study on how cells interact with antibodies when a foreign pathogen invades our cells in the body.

i)  The pathogenesis of dendrite cells and causes.

Dendrite cells are antigen-presenting cells and essential mediators of immunity and tolerance. Pathogenesis of dendrite cells occurs when the two cells types that are dendrite cell and monocot lineages diverge when monocot dendrite call progenitors (MDPs) give size to monocytes and committed dendrite cell progenitors in the bone marrow.

ii)   What can be done to prevent and manage dendrite cells?

The dendrite cell vaccine Dc-Ad-Gm. CAIX is an active specific immunotherapy with the potential of providing a safe and effective therapy against xenal carcinoma.

-   Enhancing frequencies and proliferation rates.

-   Blocking of IL-2 in vivo reduced the frequency on n Tregs

-   Introduction of immune tolerance.

-   Inducing the maturation of immature dendrite cells.

-   Reduce the immune response to cell-laden Matesia Carriers.

iii) Future Development of dendrite cells.

  • Current status and future perspective of dendrite cell

-   Dendritic cells are considered to be the most potent antigen-presenting cells. Ever since the development of protocols for the vitro generation of dendrite cells this application in immunotherapy against various malignancies has been explored even though the approach of using tumor antigen-presenting dendrite cells in therapeutic vaccination strategies has shown to work effectively   in mice and looks promising in vitro studies. The actual clinical benefit for patients with cancer has been marginal. There clearly is still room for improvement. In this review, I will summarize recent clinical trials and finding and try to shed some light on the current status and the future dendrite cells based cancer immunotherapy.

2)  Difficulties faced by a student while solving dendrite cells problems.

-   The students feel the dendrite cells terminologies are difficult to understand.

-   The students feel the concepts are complex hence they need to read many books to get a clear idea of a concept.

-   Students need to analyze cases by observing the previous work references to integrate with them and learn.

-   Other than class hours students need to read on dendrite cells topic and it needs a lot of imagination and visual pictures to understand and thus when students try to memorize without understanding they cannot remember anything.

3)  Few important tips to solve dendrite cell problems.

-   The student must know the problem and what is to be solved. Dendritic cell is a topic where extensive research is going on every day and thus he/she has to accustom with the current researches done on the topic.

-   The solution of the problem should be to the point. There is no much need for literature in scientific field.

-   Solution should be attractive. It should contain figures, graphs and tables where needed.

-   There should be a proper introduction and conclusion.

-   All the references should be duly mentioned.

4) Examples of dendrite cells.

Dendritic cells are divided into two that is:

-   Myeloid dendrite cells.

-   Plasmacytoid dendrite cells.

-   Follicular dendrtritic cells. - Dendritic Cells Assignment Help, Dendritic Cells Assignment Writing Help, Dendritic Cells Assignment Tutors, Dendritic Cells Solutions, Dendritic Cells Answers, Immunology Assignment Experts Online

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