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Leaning the things practically are always a best way to understand the concepts and essence of theories because it takes visual memory which is multiple times stronger than audio memory. Students like practical subjects and enjoy the lab practical but things are not as simple as it seems. In practical lab classes, students have to prepare a lab report on basis of various practical tasks. This lab reports assignment is very scoring and important helps to learn theoretical part as well. Let's understand what Lab report is and how to write it:

What is Lab Report Development assignment?

Lab report is a kind of theoretical part of any practical task in which students

have to elaborate every details of practical. This report contains every step from collecting apparatus to drawing conclusions which helps to understand what student has done. Some parts of Lab report is given below:

  • Synopsis
  • Aim
  • Requirement/ Apparatus/ Instruments
  • Theory of practical
  • Tables/diagrams/
  • Procedure of practical in steps
  • Conclusion
  • Precautions if any.

Above given points are used while making Lab report and marking criteria may vary according to the universities guidelines.

Why it is in course or degree program?

The role of Lap report development in course or degree program is to make the study more practical and skills developing for students in which they learn how to perform and collect information of practical.

How it is different from other theoretical assignments?

Certainly, Lab report development assignment is quite different from another write-up assignment because unlike those assignments, it is not based on theoretical books only but completely depends on how you perform the practical. Most of the students take Lab report assignment lightly and focus on only lab classes but they should aware of the complexity of writing lab report. Collecting the figures of practical is crucial work so it must be done accurately because result/ conclusion will be based on this only.

How to write Lab Report Development assignment?

Writing Lap Report development assignment is very interesting and challenging work because this single report is sufficient to analyze student's multiple skills. Structure of Report, Writing style, arrangement of figures, clarity of theory, illustrated diagrams and circuits etc. are some areas where students have to perform well to hit the bull's eye to get the desired score.

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